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Artist: Evil Ed f/ A-Love
Album:  The Enthusiast
Song:   Captains of...
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[Verse 1: A-Love]
Grab a pen, a thousand men and your soldiers
I got two tons of fun and the world on my shoulders
Hold your thought, this industry is fundementally flawed
Rapping as a sport gets crushed under the juggernaught
This ain't a business, all promoters bargain basement
It's the flavour of the month that you haven't even tasted
This Triple J shit has got me shaking in amazement
how a simple rookie rapper grabs a hold of all your playlists
So we got the aces with beats in the basement from
Eastborne to Melbourne we leaving em' complacent
Hesitating, a Coup d'état of artists willing
so you can call us the Coalition of the Illing
These straight-dealing captains of actions, life fulfilling
No lack of mass appeal, an attraction to mic stealing
Forget the politics, UK/Australia dominates
Ed makes the beats while I sit and eat the jaffer cakes

"I'm two tons of fun"
So step aside cos it's World War 3
And tell your publicist that we're captain's of the industry!
Four-line blurb can try and summarise me
or capture the drive that fills my spirit and instensity
Holding it down on vinyl or CD, we're captain's of the industry!
"Step to the side"

[Verse 2: A-Love]
An entourage arrogance and talentless back-up men
These live shows increase but leave a feeling of embarassment
Smiles and no frills, we get the crowd up on their feet again
A subtle blend of Evil Ed, some estrogen and oxygen
Make so mistake this is a cultural revolution
Amassing to a movement without the bruising and abusing
An overhaul of music cos these pop songs are useless
The recipe for destiny is jazzy crews and new spiffs
Feeding all the elements to circumvent irrelevants
The dust on your 12" is proof it wasn't time yet
And while these artists turn from prominent to silhouettes 
We keep dividing regiments that failed to move the audience
This business is personal, professional and complex
Living by a beat to mark existence with an alias 
An athiest in nature, with some strength and some cowardice
The captain's only evidence is in our own omnipotence 


[Verse 3: A-Love]
A captain of a sporting team, who screams esteem to hold the dream
An officer in rank below a major but importantly
we're swimming up stream in all extremes like supreme being's
Verbalising themes that disagree with world economies
I'm captaining a sinking ship that needs the fiercest leadership 
Creeping through your speakers, round the world and back with infamy
The ability is infinite and intricate limitless
The Commonwealth connection with a heritage of Englishness
So diligent it's killing it, prepare to sit and witness it
Australian Hip Hop wizardry, poetry and imagery
Vividly uniting freaks who breathe the beats endlessly
The battle is fought up hill, struggling constantly
We're captain's of a race that's barely won, lacks funds
with a simple return of satisfaction when we're done
Admiralty, royalty, MC's and DJ's
Now on the count of three, where the captain's in the place!?

"Step to the side"
"You lack enthusiasm"
"Yo best to just clear, got to move on out of here"
"Step to the side"
"You lack enthusiasm"
"Yo best to just clear, got to move on out of here"
"Step to the side"
"You lack enthusiasm"
Yo best to just clear, got to move on out of here"
"Step to the side"
"You lack enthusiasm"
"Yo get up out this space, this place has no room for moody bastards"