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Artist: Eve & Basement Jaxx
Album:  Blade II Soundtrack
Song:   Cowboy
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Uh yo, yo

Niggas, they drunk her up like liquid
How she did shit, man woman with ya girl got addicted
Damn she flipped it, when gone ain't missed it
Been knowin' cause they can't stop her clown, nigga you digs it
Want that, well you can keep that
Cause other bitches out there want, what you can't see that
Eve is top notch, I had ya spot watched
To make sure I made it mine, cause you can't cock-block
Came up, fucked the game up
Now ya record sales is weak but you can't blame us
Cause nothin' tame us, the game'll never drain us
Cause we ain't gon' stop we shine, that means us
It's all good, you thinkin' everything is sweet
But it's the problems and the pressure that they can't see
Tryin' to make a quick flip, nigga can you dig this
Shit is real, make a mill, forever be that rich bitch

[Hook x2]
Where my niggas at - WHAT!
Where my thugs at - WHAT!
Where my niggas gettin' stacks - YOU KNOW WHERE WE AT!
Now where my bitches at - WHAT!
Where my hoes at - WHAT!
Where my bitches that stacked - YOU KNOW WHERE WE AT!

That nigga savage, cause I got to have it
I ain't work this hard not to ball, livin' lavish
And let some clown and take my shine, like ain't workin' overtime
I'll rip you's the fuck up and it's my place I got in mind
Look, bitch please, erase ya name with ease
And it was nothin' you was stuntin' got no room to breathe
Ho we in the big Jags, all day spittin' game
Tryin' to put my people up on paper instead of shit change
I be up till late night, tryin' to get my tapes right
After every show I gotta go, I got a late flight
Thought they had us figured out, plus we pullin' figures out
Not that bitch, who is she, and what's that nigga Swizz about
Questions often come about but my time is runnin' out
But never cause I'm better under pressure, got you figured out
Stop all the dumb shit, I came to run shit
Think I'm leavin' not at all I'm havin' too much fun shit

[Hook x2]

This must be buggin' out, the industry we thug it out
We always keep it gangsta, we change what y'all be talkin' about
Some head away from bullshit but they the ones who clown quick
Back on the block hustlin' scrape up that money to buy ya bricks
You late cause it's over now, I done shut this whole shit down
Yeah it's me again, you outta touch bitch fix ya frown
Come on (* Synthesizer* ) Come on (* Synthesizer* )
Uh uh (* Synthesizer* ) What (* Synthesizer* )
Uh uh uh (* Synthesizer* ) Come on (* Synthesizer* )
Uh uh uh what come on (* Synthesizer* )

[Hook x2]