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Artist: Eve
Album:  Eve-olution
Song:   Irresistible Chick
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Da-da-da-da-da-da {*4X*}

Yo, try to understand when I'm in it when I talk to you
Look me straight into my eyes while I drop you clues
Figure out what I am, watch my hips, they move
Head knocker, baby try to catch the groove
Lips, hips, damn, who that girl?
Bombshell, shorty known across the world
Wanna stop this but they can't stop a hot chick
And no matter what I sell still gon' drop hits
I'm locked and hid the key, want some of Eve?
Try your luck homie, might let you catch me
Never, stay tuned, this chick gets much better
Notice how she stay up in your face cause you let her
Let go of your body, I'm in your head
Hunger for me? No worry, I'll make sure you fed
I'll be all that you need this time
Now, shake it fast and recite the line

If you want her come and get her
if you think you're so bold (irresistible chick)
Want her so much that you hate her
Leavin you in the cold
Nothin's promised, you can try
but she might just pass you by (irresistible chick)
Blame the others, you don't want her
E-V-E's in yo' life

Uh, yo
I'm a good girl, sometimes bad, but yo who ain't?
Sweet brown sugar, dada I'm gon' make you tame
Little bit of lotta woman, got a lot of gall
Only love who lovin me, not the rest of y'all
I can make the thuggest dude blush, a holy man lust me
Baby face and all dawg, trust me
You ain't got to worry, I got your back babe
Get her you won't give her back, that's just the facts babe
Ever since the blonde braids y'all been watchin
Spit hot like that, y'all start poppin
Wantin to know what she was all about
Now they say these words out they mouth
C'mon, c'mon


You know you fiendin, wish you could shoot me up in your veins
Like a mind reader, now that get me out of your brains
Like a doctor, dose of she take away your pain
Too many, that's what'll drive you insane
Starin at me so hard, studyin the walk
Stutter when you come close like you can't talk
Wide open, papi can't resist what I do
Perfection, all you wantin me for you is

Irresistible chick, I love the way you walk
Irresistible chick, I love the way you talk
Irresistible chick, and I really dig the way you kiss
Irresistible chick, I wish I could resist



Irresistible chick, da-da-da-da-da-da
Irresistible chick, da-da-da-da-da-da (Eve)
Irresistible chick, da-da-da-da-da-da
Irresistible chick, da-da-da-da-da-da (Eve)
Irresistible chick, da-da-da-da-da-da
... (Eve)

Aurelius, see you next time
Same funk time, same fuck channel