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Artist: Esham
Album:  Venus Flytrap
Song:   Dionaea Muscipula
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Why me I be smoking blue Ivy
The bud thou, not the baby by Beyonce and Jay Z
I'm crazy, drugz is what I need man
They crazier than me they named they baby after a weed strain
So mommy guess no more dancing in panty hose
You bald head bitches look like mannequins or Amber Rose
There I go acting hard again
Knowing goddam well that pussy softer than a cardigan
Cashmere this the new spring collection
That's last year get out of here
If you working as a stripper you a prostitute…
You suck dick and sell pussy, yeah you cute
But I only got fourty dollar, fourty
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids and bricks of those bigs
Get a shovel cause I know you can dig
They trying to wake up the dead cause they walk in they sleep
I mean they talk in they sleep
I mean they talking is cheap
Man these voices in my head telling me about some shit to do
Be glad they talking to me and not talking to you
Roxys, Oxys, all my bitches foxy
Cause my style Fonzi and you Potsi
Black Hitler my homie is a nazi
Roll they dice in this game and yell Yahtzee
I guess that's why I'm steering this German engineering
This wicket shit is all I'm hearing nobody I'm fearing
Fear and loathing in Vegas I say this
You ain't the best and far from the greatest
Peep the latest headlines famous pop diva found dead before bedtime
I said I'm feeling like Whitney
If I fall asleep in the tub come get me
Wicket like shit be Lapazaram, Ecstasy dope fiend
Biggest award is a Grammy, a thousand that is
And I'm cooking in the kitchen with some public housing kids
Them be my amigos moving all them kilos
Call me Chester Cheetah with the Cheetos
Yeah it's shark week and we be those
Why your girl pussy smell like Cool Ranch Doritos?
You fouling me I free throws
These weak rapper I eat those
Play them like a old game of Colleco vision, vision
I feel like Megatron and you just Starscream
Is this your nightmare or just my bad dream
Shotgun sawed off bodies will get hauled off, bodies will get hauled off
I see the demons all the time they be surrounding me
Jacuzzi bubble bath in water they be drowning me
I see the demons all the time they be surrounding me
Jacuzzi bubble bath in water they be drowning me