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Artist: Esham
Album:  Boomin Words From Hell
Song:   Devil's Groove
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Crazy convict, don't take no shit
Since age 13 I was ill legit
I had a problem with homicide, crazy ass suicide
Sucka mothafuckin pussy dreams and I died
Black from the hell raised, don't want'cha dead days
No one listens to what the devil says
But I'm smooth like Satan and I was waitin
For another death, so breathe ya last breath
I'm a psychopath, crazy motha fucker laugh
At a funeral, tell me do ya know
Any other brother, any other that can get some
Say his name and there'll be another victim
See, words can't describe the pain you'll feel
You can't imagine it cuz Death will
A homicidal vital, recital is my title
Gotta serious psychological problem, Death's my idol
Crucifix, a trick to black magic
A brother named Esham, treach and tragic
The devil's my boy and Satan's my son, the gun
Loaded and ready so that you don't want none
Shoot ya in the back like Billy the kid
Talkin bout takin me out, shit
Better put ya dukes up 'fore ya get fucked up
Crucified ya mama, so what, so what
So what you gonna do? Take revenge like a brother, man
And get fucked up, like ya mother, man
Bad ass brotha with the mind of the devil
Maximum overdrive, tryin to stay alive
I sold the devil my soul for gold, the story is told
I'm the exorcist, yo
Brothers and brothers have died, committed suicide
? like to a mothafucker so another homicide
Demon's my trademark, rhymes be my play mark
Reel Life Productions, down from the start
Sacrifice ya life tonite, with a knife
Pray to hell and give the devil ya life
See many of you mothafuckers don't understand it, see
How long can you listen to one man's insanity
Prophecy the dead has arozen
The devil is dead and one man is chosen
To lead the dead, to kill, bloodshed
So much bloodshed, it painted the town red
My mind is evil, evil's inside my mind
The devil's gonna get ya, just a matter of time
Go to sleep and never wake up, ya dreams a nightmare
The witch was right on ya back, I was there
But who's to turn ya to stone, you're stuck in eternal place
Imprisoned in a shell, wit a dead man's face
666, crucifix
Hell's the fire on the candlesticks
This is the devil's groove, a dance for his bloody
Release ya sins, up, up in the slutty
Go commit suicide, anotha homicide

The devil's groove
The devil's groove
The devil's groove
The devil's groove