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Artist: Esham
Album:  Dead Flowerz
Song:   Silicone
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You wanna be dead nigga?
Yeah you, you wanna be dead?
Now how you lie, 'cause I'll kill you
Yeah I'll kill ya

Lord for bid, I do a bid
I never bid on a suckas life
And if I did, it'd be a jacknife
I'm out to kill a clone
Nigga be actin' silicone, still it's on, still it's on
In my darkest hour, I clock the glock
Death is certain, life is not
I got 13 ways, less than 7 days
To change my wicked ways before I'm off to an early grave
One more is drug related, another body murdered premeditated
Fallen victim to what I stated
You don't understand me 'cause I'm dyslexic
My styles come sick as anarexic
I don't sing church songs but bust shot guns
At ministers 'cause I can't trust none
Break out the skull and bones
Here comes the ill ass nigga with the 3 5 7 chrome
And it goes on in my maggot brain
I remain insane to bring the pain with the migrane
Niggaz with breasts I'll snatch yo' heart out 'cho chest
And stand like a 'cano possesed as I finish 'em
Your silicone leaks, nigga

Nigga, silicone

All I hear is your screams
Somebody's screamin' out my name I weigh my uzi on a triple beam
Unload my magazine niggaz can't read me
Red rums all I hear so you wanna bleed me
I pop niggaz like corns, stickin' niggaz like thorns
And I yawns at your funeral while your family mourns
I'm not inclined to sympathize in my mind
I'll be glad when you in a body bag for bed time
You can't afford this, all aboard this
Nighttrain, come and ride the midnight maggot brain
I need some therapy I shot my therapist
He got me pissed, 'cause I'm nothin' but a straight suicidalist
Idiotic, my voodoo's symbotic to a mad man
I'm down to put a slug in an arean
And I'm down for whatever, whenever, however
Is clever whether forever or for never
So don't test one mad motherfucker
If you do, dick sucker, I'm a pop yo silicone

Nigga, silicone

My wicked shit is wicked, niggaz bite it when I kick it
But I'm sick with this, it's so ridiculous
I don't believe in God, so it's odd
Everytime I bust ill shit, niggaz screamin' oh my God
I got the G-Lo, I got the kilo
And it's cocked to pop, pop, pop piggity pop pop
And it don't stop it never did
The wicked shit'll never die, I have no alibi for murder, shit
I'm contemplatin' suicide 24 7
And like I told your ass before it ain't no fuckin' heaven
I'm mannick depressed, I'm panicked to never confess
I'm the one that put them slugs in my moma chest
Premeditated, murder's always on my fuckin' mind
Body outlined chalk to walk the flatline
You wanna know what goes on in my maggot brain
It won't stop until the whole world feels my pain
Came in cold dependencies, suicidal tendencies
Mental stress got me beggin' for eternal rest
I must confess to the real, I'm out to kill a clone
I pop tittie niggaz that's silicone

Nigga, silicone
Nigga, nigga, silicone