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Artist: Esham
Album:  Bootleg (From The Lost Vault) Vol. 1
Song:   Watch Cha Back
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Well where I snake, it's like base head
Brothers clock dollars, 24 sev'
Some get caught, and some don't
Some'll make big money, some won't
Some bite the bullet the hard way
Brothers play the game of death and don't know how to play
Money in ya pocket, can't fold, cuz ya square
Every day to day, is a black man's dare
Money, fiends and jeasously is a big part of life
You thought you was the man til they stabbed you wit a knife
They took ya whole sack, got stabbed for a piece of crack
Brothers don't know how to act, watch cha back

[Chorus 4X]
They gonna get you, you better watch cha back

Grow up in the ghetto actin savage
Vagina, smoke dope, murderous average
Hide ya coat in the city of dope
Young daughter hangin from tree by a rope
You send them pound to pound, earnin nuthin but a name
In this pushy got thing, but it tell ya, all the same
Flashin cash, think that you're on top
But you fell to the bottom when the gun went pop
A bloody and nut, always had none, that's a fact
People don't know how to act, watch cha back

[Chorus 4X]

Walkin down the street about twelve at night
Tryin to sell rocks, but ain't a base head in sight
One pops up from out of nowhere
And then an other, and an other, and an other
Shoulda watch cha back like a soldier
I told ya, they gonna get ya, brother

[Chorus 4X]