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Artist: Esham
Album:  Bootleg (From The Lost Vault) Vol. 1 *
Song:   Price On Ya Head
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* originally on Natas "Multikillionaire"

Now as I speak the wicket poetry that got you all scared of me
Blasphemy, I'm sacrilegious nigga, don't you ever forget this
When I hit the scene, I'm the number one murder suspect, suicide
I'm yellin out die, die, die, die, you layin down while ya momma cry
Did it ever occur to you, I sold my soul, I will never fold
Niggas ain't nuthin but a bunch of hoes, thinkin that don't nobody know
Hey nigga, I want you dead, bloody murder, never restin
I know killas that's adolescent, jet by murder to be desperate
If you ain't prepared to die nigga
Don't play the game of death, that I'm playin
Cuz the niggas I know is prayin, wit AK in they hayin
Say, I want that nigga dead, three times in the dark, while I'm rappin
And before this song is over, watch my demons go cap 'em

[Chorus 4X]
I want that nigga dead, there's a price on ya head

You say you want that nigga dead, because you hate his fuckin guts
He always talkin that hole ass shit about you, thinkin you ain't got no nuts
Is you ever gonna show that nigga that you ain't scared of his ass
Is you down to blast in the broad daylight without your ski mask
It went down, so fuck it fast, you drop the gun out ya hand
You shot a man, he was screamin, he was bloody, so you ran
So now you paranoid, so now you paranoid, so people you avoid
Suicidal, smokin on them Dead Flowerz, destroy, nigga
You better run for your life, that's all you can do
Cuz I know what they gon' say, when they catch up wit you, they'll say

[Chorus 4X]

See they want me dead so much, these voices in my head won't let me rest
Razor blade inside my mouth, I'm carvin nottas in ya chest
Tell your preacher, I'mma kill 'em, cuz they ain't no way to stop me
You can't hurt me, if you squirt me, I won't die, even if you pop me
Think you wit H-O-L-Y, and I sing that murder lullabye
So when another die, don't blame the Devil, blame that other guy
We all live on this planet, babies born and seein
So niggas commit suicide as soon as I begin
Unholy, unholy, you don't know me, but you owe me
You soul, nigga roll, go outta control
Cuz if they catch you, they gon' stretch you
And I bet you they will let you bite a check
Wit ya mouth through ya asshole

[Chorus to fade]