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Artist: Esham
Album:  Bootleg (From The Lost Vault) Vol. 1
Song:   Fallen Angel
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I was an unplanned pregnant, brought forth by a mistake
Go on into a world, filled up wit lust a hate
Little do I know about life, but I'm still learnin
First I'mma journey through hell, without burnin
Livin in the ghetto, the Devil is now a black man
I saw him standin in the corner wit the crack man
Little do I know, this hell is now my home
Since birth the peace I blown, is now gone
Like the death, days passed, I'm still growin
Death is my fate, and this hell but never knowin
When, but how do I survive without sin
But thou shall not kill was my first
Then I broke off Ten Commandments, I guess I'm doomed to go to hell
But I'm already there, so tell another tale
From the dark side of myself, I'm entangled
Between Heaven and Hell, the Fallen Angel


18 years passed, never knew about love
The sky is fallin, so I fell from the Heavens above
Product of ya sins, my father, I never knew him
Call the Exorcist, cuz the Devil done got to him
Voodoo child, son of bitch, a bastard
Sold my soul, and now I'm the master
My mother sings the blues, and drinks the booze
And then she praise to save my soul from bad news
Tears fall, I hear my mother call on the Lord
Tonight I be playin in my room, on the Ouija boards
Screamim red rum at the top of my lungs
When I close my eyes, visions of bodies bein hung
Death was my destiny, life was a test to me
Livin inside, my owns sins'll blast for me
Death awaits inside myself, I'm entangled
Between Heaven and Hell, the Fallen Angel

[R&B sample]

As my soul gets deep into darkness can I be saved
My life flash before my eyes in many ways
I saw me in my earlier days, in wicked ways
Cross my heart, and hope to die, is on my grave
Written on my tombstone, rest in peace
Ridin body in the ground, as the maggots feast
You see I live so fast, but died so young
Another victim of another one, drinkin his red rum
I'm fallin from the heavens and I'm on my way
To meet my maker, the undertaker, cuz now is judgment day
My soul is hot, and my body is all rotten
Another angel falls from the heaven, forgotten
Without a clue, nobody knew, the knowledge to teach me
Cuz a, fuck the teacher and fuck the preacher
As my soul empiric's inside myself, I'm entangled
And outcast from the Heavens, so I'm a Fallen Angel