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Artist: Esham
Album:  Bootleg (From The Lost Vault) Vol. 1
Song:   Dumb Bitch
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Bitch, ho, stink booty freak
You bound to get busy, all you need is every week
Hotel, motel, go and get the loot cuz I know you so well
Bitch young nasty, nasty young bitch
Twitchin ass still tryin to switch
A bucket full of nut, thinkin put some on the butt
But you don't give a fuck, cuz you know you is a slut
To the yellow freak, freaky deak, fuckin niggas every week
Bound to get a pink of loose, bitch
Let me a pink gin and crack corn, and I don't care
Jimmy got Shawn, and that ain't fair
You wanna get my dough, be a ho
And then you gotta fuck the crew
(No, no) Bitch, decide and play
And if you wanna be grown, I'mma fuck you underage
Say you under weight, nothin to say
But damn, he ain't shit
It's all about bitches, hoes, case closed
You wanna get busy, take off your clothes
And I'mma show you how I operate
The devil's in your suit, so you best to bait
I got a finger in your pussy and my dick in your mouth
Ticklin ya tassels, turnin ya out
You say you don't dick, bitch that's bull
You'se lickin on my balls, tryin to talk wit ya mouth full
Now you wanna front wit ya smelly cunt
But when I come over ya house, you know what I want
Don't give me no lip, cuz I'mma done on your tits
And when I leave your house, you say it ain't shit