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Artist: Esham f/ Violent J
Album:  Acid Rain
Song:   La La La
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[Chorus: Violent J]
We got wicked ways, for your sunny days
We got murder for your birthday parties
Yeah, we see diamonds fall, got our dicks chopped off
How we still can't wait to be dead bodies, yeah

[Verse 1: Esham]
So many snakes spittin venom speakin my name in vein
Knowin my claim to fame is this game I slang
Through the storm and rain, shocked I wonder in pain
Tell me, am I to blame if I blow out your brains?
Gimme one good reason I should not be squeezin on every bitch-ass nigga like you
Cause this bitch-ass nigga like you ceasin
I'm a real sick fella, big fella
You got alotta lip for a nigga who ain't shit, fella
Always been about my hustle, been about my money
It ain't all about rhymin, I ain't never act funny
But these bitch-ass niggaz in this game unreal
Quick to flip the fuckin script for the mass appeal
But once they blood gets spiled, let's see how many feel
That they gotta die for another shady record deal
Who am I? The pretty boy, the city boy
The sniffin coke up off ya tittie boy, the gritty boy
Been never actin hostity boy, the hold it down wit me boy
I seek and destroy I get paid to employ ya
So I must employ mcs enjoy my style but yet they still annoy me

[Chorus: Violent J - repeat 2X]
La la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la

[Verse 2: Esham]
Fuck what you do, You so fake
Everything you do, everything you make
Still suicidal, how much can I take?
Pressure could bust a pipe, but I will not break
Get the type of shit where you can't relate
The world on my shoulder, hold down the weight
Money hungry niggaz out here'll snatch ya plate
The greedy never care about if you ain't ate
Try gettin out the game before it's too late
Or before the rage come and seal ya fate
Still knock knock knockin on heaven's gate
And you can't get in for sellin cakes
For for sellin cakes, or or sniffin flakes
For for sellin cakes, or or sniffin flakes
For for sellin cakes, or or sniffin flakes
For for for for for for sellin cakes

[Chorus] - repeat until fade