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Artist: Esham
Album:  A-1-Yola
Song:   Bolivia
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[Chorus: Esham w/ kids]
(Paper....Gotta have that Paper...) Gotta..Gotta Gotta Have that Paper..Paper
(Paper....Gotta have that Paper...)
(Paper....Gotta have that Paper...)
(Paper....Gotta have that Paper...)

[Verse 1]
Gotta get that feddy cuz I need it, that's why I stay heated
Jesus save me, throw me down a bundle
Wrapped up like a football, bet I won't fumble
Stumble, I'm lying in the jungle, serving my "Bo-Jumbles"
A killer where my gun blows, but I stay humble
Watch 'em all crumble, "Baller" like "Motumbo"
Riding with a bumble, beats causing rumble
Hoes try to beat a nigga like a bongo
Mixerman cook 'em in a pot like gumbo
Specially when your pesos coming so pronto


[Verse 2]
Gotta get some purple is what I'm smoking, that' why I stay choking, locc'n
English broken, all this papers got me open
Get more papers all I'm hoping
No need to say a word to papers, spoken
Freezer frozen when I'm posing
Passion, cameras, flashing lights and action main attraction
Paper make everything better best believe it, and I love to receive it
Billionaire baller status, the chief is still breathing


[Verse 3]
Gotta have that mucho de nero, and when I got it its to querdo
Errday, allday, baby girl what you say I can't stay
We can play I don't pay, keep me right around the way
We can ride around the today, AaaaYo. HeeeyHo
Wake up get ya cake up...bake up
Only thing that matters in this life is paper, everybody got they own price for paper
Chips with the dip grims when ya get more paper then ya even know what to do with
So let me get right to it


[Outo: Kid Talking]
Dadda we gotta get all the paper
That's right
So we can have that lure jet
And we can be on MTV Cribs with the mansion and the swimming pool
This Lil' Tey Tey represent