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Artist: E.S.G. f/ Devin the Dude, Double D
Album:  City Under Siege
Song:   Superstar
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Ah wha-wha-what, I just wanna fuck you ha-ha
Me and my nigga Devin in the house with my partna, Double D baby ha
Wha-what it's going down, for the 2 triple O
Know I'm saying, we some motherfucking superstars bitch
Super motherfucking stars, say Devin sing it to em huh

[Hook: Devin the Dude]
Bitch, we some superstars
Just doing our thang nigga, fuck the laws
Still smoking mary jane, in the back of the car
All these bopping ass bitches wanna know who we are, (are y'all some superstars)
Bitch, we some superstars
And we brought our own drank nigga, fuck the bar
Trying to keep a nigga game, straight up to par
All these bopping ass bitches wanna know who we are, (are y'all some superstars)

[Double D]
It's Double D baby
I only hang around niggaz, about they G's baby
That's why some of you niggaz, ain't seen me lately
Yeah I been known to go exactly where the weed take me, (and that's with me baby)

It's E again, baby
A nigga mashing, for his motherfucking ends baby
You see me flossing, in a brand new Benz baby
And I been known to go exactly where the Henn take me, (we in the wind baby)

[Double D]
Stressing, don't come near us with that bullshit
Can't you see, we trying to make this money in the hood bitch
They call me Mr. Goodrich, cause now I got the hood mix
How many more bitches, gon be jumping up on our dick

Needing bout a hundred Testarostas, Cedric Sosa ain't scared
Watch the road popped do's, turning niggaz heads
Leaving hoes scared, we some Wreckshop crooks
Niggaz 24/7, say Devin sing the hook


So much ice on my arm, feel like I'm frosty on my wrist
This one star here, that say fucking Eclipse
I'ma shine regardless, ghetto dreams ghetto schemes
Pull up on the scene, big cop of codeine
Six inch screens sticky green, I keep's my endo
Catch me in your hood, looking good doing a in sto'
Mashing on the throttle, freestyle out the bottle
Three G's and paper work, for my Cardier goggles
Order grass for the shots, I'm in the best clothes
Niggaz stay thugging, in my wheelie S-go
I keep my vest close, cause these hoes they blast for real
Want a crib out the Southside, of the Astros field
Nigga platinum so real, watch your head bounce back
Went from Screw tapes, to making motion picture soundtracks
Man we the shit, you ought to call us X-Lax
E.S.G. and Double D, so motherfucker respect that we some


[Double D]
We ghetto fabulous, we run hoes in condos
Them dumb hoes that get to bopping, when we come and do a show
Pulling up in limos, smoke in a hundred sack of endo
Niggaz they got they limo, trying to stick it through the window
All up and in yo, ask no questions for the moment
E.S.G. and Double D, done came and shit on our opponents
Now they all up on it, so you can say we on fire
Wreckshop done came, and took the whole world by surprise
Independent label, counting money across the table
Twenty hoes in my stable, TV's in Navigators
These niggaz hate us, cause we gon shine regardless
Without a major deal, you thought we'd soon depart this
You niggaz simple minded, and heartless to me
Better get you some bidness, and let me shine in 2G
Gripping my apparatus, gaining superstar status
Niggaz know who the baddest, cause they looking right at us


Yo E man that show was crunk mayn, (that bitch was off the heezie baby)
(you heard them hoes are y'all some superstars), man yeah what is it man
(say fuck that what Devin and the Wreckshop family, ay you need to get in this limo man)
(ay yo yo E.S.G., hold up baby let me get your autograph right quick baby
This for my cousin man, watch out man), (yo you know I'm saying
Ay I like you style kid, you nkow I'm saying
Y'all Wreckshop boys be coming up wrecking ay yo)
(get off me dog let me in here, hey baby this Lil' Skeezie baby I'm off the Heezie
I'm ten years old and I'm thoed, let me ride in the limo mayn
Ay what's that red stuff in your cup that's Kool-Aid, let me hit that baby)