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Artist: Errelevent
Album:  Omnipotent
Song:   E.R.R.E.L.E.V.E.N.T. Intro
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See it ain't where you from but it's where you really at
Well who the hell are you? Hold on let me answer that
E for entertainer, energizing, enterprising
R: relentless, raw, ready I be steady rising R
Rhyme representer rippin' the mic
E: effortless, each element a part of my life
L: losses can't be taken locally lines I lace
E: emphasize everyday, elevating the stakes
V: vintage, verbal, very vicious vowels and verbs
E: engaging, expressing, no questions get what you deserve
N: Nay-sayers never do none not even near
T: the time I take Errelevent I'm right here
Breaks I don't take no mistakes, shake the ones who hate
Great, label me as an MC who's out to motivate
Relate to what I speak if I keep focus
Until I'm noticed and regarded as one of the dopest
The close to the west suggestion you pay attention when I'm flexin'
Cuz each and every section's worth a mention
My confession, I'm possessing the best skills of unknown
But it's freakin' in the weed or bustin' on the microphone
Let me switch it, twist it, you got it in your mind what I envision
I know it's gonna have to take some time
Signing off from the dungeon but this ain't the last time
It's gonna happen with this rappin' and compare it to my rhymes
That's the bottom line
Mistakes are made but still
I press on, the stress gone, come on let's spit real
Feel the heat, always doin' it just how I choose it
2002 the arrival of Relevent Music