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Artist: Eminem f/ Obie Trice
Album:  The Pre-Up
Song:   Go to Hell Part 2
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" hear me! You go to hell" -> Mr. Garrison

Verse One [Eminem]:
At birth I was born with the biggest middle finger on earth
The first time I went to stick it up the shit hurt
Mom wouldn't take me
The bitch still hates me
Shit, one day she said, "Go rake leaves," 
I said, "Make me!"
I'm proud to announce I was probably the first kid
Who was kicked out of his house 
For making fart sounds with his mouth
Arguing with me and mom was on-going
She called law enforcement when I broke the law mower
The slut gave me a truck when I turned sixteen
I went to start it and it screamed, "Please fix me!"
Back then, when Will Smith was still the Fresh Prince
And him and Jeff were still best friends, I guess then
I decided to cut class to rap full time
And get the fuck outta this fake ass school and rhyme
Anybody who thinks this fuckin attitude is a gimmick
Come and see me, see if I don't live up to this image
You fuckin' pricks!


" hear me! You go to hell" -> Mr. Garrison

Verse Two [Obie Trice]:
How the fuck you gonna fuck with O Trice with a staff full of hoes
With one gat and a wack stack of flows?
A whole lot of lip
Thicker than Obie's shit
Oh shit they found your ass floatin' in the ocean
Body part corroded
Cast away
You stretched in a cast today
That's how a real bastard play
Do shit the bachelor way
Creek niggas will blast away
Y'all niggas ain't tough
Y'all niggas funny
Y'all need to roll on WB 20
Niggas think they 2Pacalypse Now
Until they catch a buckshot
Chicken pop a nigga's style
Niggas scared of the firm
Slim, Dirty Dozen and Trice
Come back like thieves in the night
Niggas jump, that's reason to fight
That's reason to rearrange your teeth with the right