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Artist: Eminem
Album:  Revival
Song:   Believe
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And I started from the bottom like a, snowman, ground up
like round chuck, and still put hands on you, stayin wound up
is how I spend time (get it) sucker free, confidence high
Such a breeze when I pen rhymes, I just got the air about me, like wind chimes (yeah)
Another day in the life (uhh) used to have to scrape to get by (yeah)
Now my community's gated and I made it and my neighbors say hi
I'm givin 'em pounds (givin 'em pounds) I'm upscale now
Guess it means I'm way in the sky (heh)
But I still remember the days of, minimum wage for, general labor
Welfare recipient since a minor, look at how government assistance has major/made ya
Adversity, if at first you don't succeed, put your temper to more use
cause, bein broke's a poor excuse
That should only give you more fuel, show 'em why you're you
So close, God it's like I, almost got it, but close only counts in time bombs and horseshoes
So I Unabomb shit (tick tick tick) no remorse (pew) screw it, I'm lit
And that attitude, I blew up on quick
That's why they call me firecracker, I grew up on WIC (wick-wick-wick) with a short fuse!
... I got some important news to report to
Anyone who thought I was done, nah bitch, not quite
Spotlight's back on, got my faith, where's yours?

[Chorus: Eminem]
Do you still BELIEVE... in me?
Didn't I give everything I had to give you to make you see?
I'll never forget if you turn your back on me now
and walk out, I will never let you live it down
(I'll never quit) Do you still BELIEVE... in me?

Man I know sometimes, these thoughts can, be harsh and cold as ice
To me they're just ink blots, I just fling 'em like slingshots and so precise
So you might wanna think it over twice, when you retards can roll the dice
But beef will at least cost you your career cause even my cheap shots are overpriced
... But this middle finger's free as a bird
Nuke warhead-ed, birth, hugest forehead on, Earth
Too short for the, verse, studied, his formula, learned
how to, incorporate a, curse, point it, towards corporate A-merica!
Stick a fork in and, turn cause four-letter, words are, more better, heard
The world force-fed a, turd, to me, you're getting yours!
.. But sometimes I overdo it
But I just get so into it, I was there consoling you when no one knew it
When your situation showed no improvement, I was that door, you walked over to it
I'm the light at the end of tunnel so people are always lookin at me as they're goin through it
When that tunnel vision is unclear shit becomes too much to bear
Since "Cleanin' Out My Closet" when I was havin trouble with the snare
I'm that unrealistic prayer, answered
And I'ma get you jacked (up) like you're tryna fix a flat (uh) when you struggle with despair
That double-fisted, bare-knuckles coupled with this pair
of nuts I'm cuppin, I am your fuckin switch, nothin can compare


Started from the, bottom like a, snowman
Oh man, put that in your, corncob pipe and, smoke that
But my battery's low, I'ma need a boost to my pack
And I know that I always got Proof at my back, I called you "Proof" because I knew for a fact
My ace in the hole - homie I'm callin on you
cause I think I'm slowly startin to, lose faith in it so, give me that apron and mo-
-tivation to go, Hussein with the flow, fake fans left you two-faced at the show
Let heartbeats loop, produce hate in my soul, layin vocals two days in a row
True statement, hate to go down this road but there's only one route to cross this bridge
So I walk in this bitch with loose change cause all my dues paid but this booth's takin its toll
But it's never, too late to start a new beginnin
That goes for you too, so what the fuck you gon' do? Use the tools you're given!
Or you're gon' use the cards you're dealt as an excuse for you to not do shit with 'em?
I used to play the loser victim, 'til I saw the way Proof was driven
I found my vehicle and I haven't ran out of gas yet
And when they stacked decks, turn handicaps into assets, fanny packs, hourglasses
If time was on my side I'd still have none to waste
Man, in my younger days, that dream was so much fun to chase
It's like I run in place while this shit dangled in front of my face
But how do you keep up the pace and the hunger pains once you've won the race?
When that duel exhaust is coolin off cause you don't got nothin left to prove at all
Cause you done already hit 'em with the coup de grāce
Still you feel the NEED, to go full tilt, that Bruce Willis, that "Blue Steel"
That true skill, when that wheel's loose, I won't lose will
Do you still BELIEVE?