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Artist: Eminem f/ Dr. Dre, Nikki Grier
Album:  Relapse: Refill
Song:   Hell Breaks Loose
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I want you, to understand somethin
That when I come up in this bitch I want the fans jumpin
I want their fists pumpin in the air, I don't look like a millionaire
But I feel like a million bucks; ladies won't ya fill your cups
Shady's come to feel ya up, are you a D or a C cup?
You could even be a B, it's just me and D-R-E
You'll be in the E.R., we are strapped with so much T.N.T.
We may blow, no not even C.P.R. from the E.M.T.'s
could help you to resuscitate, you busters must be flustered, wait
You can't cut the mustard, what's your problem? Can't you bust a grape?
{*chka-chk-chk*} What's my name? Shady came and just crushed the game
It's really not even fair to them, cause they pale in comparison
So much they might as well wear his skin, don't ya wish you could just share his pen?
Cause this shit's gettin embarrassin, the fog is thick and the air is thin
Cause he won't even let them try to breathe, la-didi-da-da-da-didi
He makes it look so easy, girl you just hit the lottery

[Chorus: Eminem + Nikki Grier]
Now this would be the part of the song that they drop the needle on
and hell, breaks, loose
Try to restrain us you can't contain us, we're still gonna make a stink
no matter what, we, do
Everywhere we go it seems we're lookin for any excuse
to just, cut, loose
So this would be the part of the song that they drop the needle on
and hell, breaks, loose

[Dr. Dre] + (Eminem)
This is when shit hits the fan, like it just splattered on Stan
This is the only moment that matters; your homie rolled in with Mathers
Now chaos erupts, Em's in back, Dre's in the front
So do what we say at once, this song's like a sťance, it haunts
(It makes 'em stay in a trance, no choice, they have to dance)
It's like the playoffs, just makin sure that we stay in the hunt
Take a day off for what? Man you better lay off the blunts
You must be smokin somethin you think I ain't smokin nothin, stay off my nuts
Now hit the flo' baby, time to wipe away all the rust
Shake all them cobwebs loose, loosen up with a little bit of Grey Goose
Yeah girl shake that caboose, I don't wanna see you try to make no excuse
D-R-E is on the loose, a mongoose when it comes to the chronic use
You know I can't stand to lose, me and my goons are like animals
We come through like a pack of wolves, and we came here to retract the roof
Yeah man ain't that the truth, girl your man's back in the booth
Definitely back up in this bitch, and this is when all hell breaks loose


Now I know you're feelin discouraged but homie just mark my words
I'm mur-durin the flow, liquid courage I'm finna blow
As soon as we hit the do' power surges head to toe
I'm sure to push it as far as words are meant to go
We're in the indigo Winnebago with tinted windows
Ferocious as we proceed to beat up the block wit yo' hoe
With speakers knockin it's 3 o'clock
Me and Doc then proceed to drop E and hop out the vehicle and knock on your do'

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, so let us in 'fore we huff and puff and we blow
We ain't bluffin for nothin, we'll knock the stuffin out you
Revenge is so sweet, move 'til you injure your feet
Yeah, move it or lose it freak, groove to the beat, +Lose Yourself+ indubitably
Pass up on that little cute chick right there? That'd be pretty damn stupid of me
Born and raised in the CPT, yeah Los Angeles, cruisin the streets
Them haters hatin on me, but I refuse to lose any sleep
Keep that deuce-deuce on the seat, Dre fall off? That's news to me