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Artist: Eminem
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Song:   So Much Better
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You fucking groupie
Pick up the goddamn phone

Bitch where the fuck were you Tuesday? With who you say?
I wasn't at the studio, bitch what'd you do, screw Dre?
You went there lookin for me? Boo that excuse is too lame
Keep playin me, you're gon' end up with a huge goose egg
You fake lyin slut, you never told me you knew Drake
And Lupe? You wanna lose two legs?
You try to flip this on me? If I spent more time with you, you say
"Okay, yeah, and I'm cuckoo, ay?"
Well screw you and I'll be the third person who screwed you today
Oh, fourth, Dre, Drake, Lupe, ooh, touché
Well you're too two-faced
for me, thought you was my number one true blue ace, but you ain't
And I can't see you when you make that wittle boo-boo face
Cause I'm hangin up this phone boo, you make my fuckin Bluetooth ache
You feelin blue, too late
Go smurf yourself, you make me wanna smurfin puke blue Kool-Aid
Here's what you say to someone you hate

[Chorus: Eminem]
My life would be so much better, if you'd just drop dead (dead)
I was layin in bed last night thinkin and this thought just popped in my head
And I thought, wouldn't shit just be a lot easier, if you dropped dead (dead)
I would feel so (so) much (much) better (better, better, better)

Think I just relapsed, this bitch pushed me over the brink
Hop on the freeway, tryin to get some time alone and just think
'til the cops pulled me over but they let me go
cause I told 'em I'm only drivin drunk cause that bitch drove me to drink
I'm back on my fuck hoes, with a whole new hatred for blondes
But bias? I hate all bitches the same, baby come on
Excuse the pun but bitch is such a +broad+ statement and I'm
channelin my anger through every single station that's on!
Cause a woman broke my he-art, I say he-art
cause she ripped it in two pa-arts, and threw it in the garbage
Who you think you a-are bitch?
Guess it's time for me to get the dust off and pick myself up off the carpet
But I'll never say the L word again
I lo-, lo-, lo-, lo-, LESBIAN~!
AHHHH!! I hope you hear this song and go into a cardiac arrest!
My life would be so much better if you'd just


Cause, you, told, me
you'd, love, me, for-e-ver
Bitch, that was, a lie
Now I, ne-ver
wanted, someone, to diiiie
so bad, in my fucking, life
But fuck it there's other fish in the sea

And I'ma have a whale of a time bein a single sailor
for the night, bitch on a scale of
1 to 10, shit I must be the holy grail of
catches hoe I got an +Oscar+ attached to my fuckin name (de la)
I might hit the club, find a chick that's tailor
-made for me, say fuck it, kick some shots back, get hammered and nail her
These bitches tryin to get attached but they're failin
to latch onto the tail of my bumper, they're scratchin at the back of my trailer
like I'm itchin to get hitched, yeah I'm rich as a bitch
But bitches ain't shit, I'd rather leave a bitch in a ditch
Bitch you complain when you listen to this
But you still throw yourself at me, that's what I call pitchin a bitch!
That's why I'm swingin at these chicks on sight
Long as I got a bat and two balls it's foul, but my dick's on strike
So all that love shit is null and void, bitch I'm a droid
I avoid Cupid stupid, wasn't for blowjobs you'd be unemployed
... oy-yoy-yoy
Man oh man, your boy boy boy's
gettin sick of these girls girls girls, oink oink oink
You fuckin pigs, all you're good for is doink doink doink!
I got +99 Problems+ and a bitch ain't one
She's all 99 of 'em, I need a machine gun!
I'll take 'em all out, I hope you hear this song and go into a cardiac arrest
Have a heart attack and just drop dead and I'ma throw a fuckin PARTY AFTER THIS!
Cause YES!


I hate you!
YOU made me this way!
Bitch! ... Haha
I'm just playin bitch, you know I love you