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Artist: Eminem f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Song:   Love Game
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Somethin's burnin, I can't figure out what (out what)
It's either lust or a cloud of dust, judgment is clouded, must
just be the powder from the power of
{"LOVE"} but I'm in somethin I don't know how to get outta
Left my girl in the house alone, IS THAT MY soon-to-be spouse's moan?
And the further I walk, the louder
Pause for a minute to make certain that's what I heard, cause after all this is her place
so I give her the benefit of the doubt I
think I might be about to - Busta-Bust her
The thought's scary yo though and it hurts, BRACE
Hope it ain't, "Here we go yo" cause my head already goes to worst CASE
+Scenario+ though in the first PLACE
(Aw, fuck) But you confirmed my +Low End Theory+ though
Should've known when I made it all the way to +3rd Bass+
And that was only the first DATE, could've made it to home PLATE
But you slid straight for the dome and dove face - first
"No {*slurp*} you don't {*slurp*} under {*slurp*} stand {*slurp*}
I {*slurp*} don't {*slurp*} do this for {*hic*} anyone {*hic*} ever" {*slurp*}
Yeah that ain't what they all say, I'll say
You can suck a softball through a straw, used to be my fiancée
'til you sucked on Wayne, André and Kanye
LeBron, Akon, Jay, Lil Jon, Raekwon, Ma$e
Polow da Don, Dre, Dante Ross, James Conway, Kwame!
Guess I'm gettin my g-goddang Jigga on, eh?
Cause your name I'm +Beyon'+ sayin
But fuck it I'm movin on, you women are all cra'y
But I'll probably always keep on playin the

[Interlude: sample of Wayne Fontana & The Mindbreakers]
"Game of love (love) love (love)"
"La-la, la-la-la-love!"

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
She doesn't love me, no she don't love me no more
She hates my company, guess she don't love me no more
I tried to get her up out of my head, left my bags at the door
She screamed she loved me, like she never did before
And I told her
{"Go where you wanna, go do what you wanna do, I don't care"}
And I told her
{"Go where you wanna, go do what you wanna do, I don't care"}

[Kendrick Lamar]
I told that bitch - I'm a sucker for love, you a sucker for dick
Suckin dick in your momma tub then your granny walked in
Told the stupid nigga to duck under the water, he drowned like an abortion
They booked you for manslaughter - you beat the case and I called ya
{*beep*} "Sherane is not available now leave a message at the tone
and Kendrick don't forget to buy two pair of those
expensive heels, you little fuckin ferris wheel
Fuckin spinnin on me, fuck you think we're gon' get married still?
Fuckin Mary had a little lamb, this ain't no fairy tale
Fairy godmomma better tell you how I fuckin feel
like you should fuckin beat it or fuckin eat it while I'm on my period
Now have a blessed day~!" {*beep*} Bitch you serious?
I'm in the mirror with this look on my face, curious
why you ain't fuckin with me, you cut me deep as Cesarean
You know I want you bad as a Benjamin, I'm delirious
I want you bad as the head shattered on George Zimmerman
after the Dillinger hit him diligently and killin him
His mouthpiece for a Cadillac emblem
That's analogy and metaphor for you
I should win a medal for all the ways I adore you
This is me talkin cordial, yeah I got some home trainin
That ain't what you like, ain't it? What about if I was famous
as Marshall, would you give fellatio in the carpool?
Cops pull us over, they just wanna know if you gargle
Singin - "I hope she's good enough
Meanwhile, you're chasin her"
Chlamydia couldn't even get rid of her
Pity the fool and pity the fool in me, I'ma live with the



So needless to say I'm feelin betrayed, snatch my house key off her keychain
She jumps off Wee-Bey from "The Wire"'s dick now she's chasin me with a cheese grater
Here goes that broken record cliché, it's all my fault anyway
She's turnin the tables, I'm a beat-break
She treats my face like Serato, she cuts and scratches like a DJ, each day is an instant replay
They say what we display is symptomatic of attack beha-
-vior, back together, but forgot today was her b-day
She cut me off on the freeway
Simple misunderstandin, but just as I went to slam on the brakes
that's when I realized that she may be crazy as me, wait
Bitch cut my fuckin brake line, stepped on them fuckers eight times, still goin 73 thank
God there's an exit comin up, what the mother-F-U-C-K's
wrong with her? Hit the off-ramp 'til I coasted
to a gosh damn halt, hit a fuckin tree, now
here she comes at full speed, she's racin at me, okay you wanna fuck with me, eh?
Snatch the bitch out her car through the window, she's screamin
I body slam her on the cement until the concrete gave
And created a sinkhole, buried the stink hoe in it then paid to have the street re-paved!
(The fuck?) Woke up in a dream state
in a cold sweat like I got hit with a freeze ray during a heat wave
Guess I eventually caved though, cause she's layin next to me in bed
Woke up again and jumped up like "Fuck it, I've had it!"
I'm checkin into rehab, I confess I'm a static addict
I guess that's why I'm so clingy, every girl I've ever had 
either says I got too much baggage or I'm too fuckin dramatic
Man what the fuck is the matter? I'm just a fuckin romantic
I fuckin love you, you fuckin bitch! Combative, possessive
In fact last time I was mad at an ex
I actually set off a chain reaction of tragic events
I said "Hit the road" then after she left I sent that bitch a text
that said "Be careful drivin, don't read this and have a accident," she glanced to look at it and wrecked!
Too bad, thought we had a connect, no sense dwelling makes
Never been a more compelling case than the model covered in L'Oréal and mace
who fell from grace eleven stories for story telling while the whore was yelling rape
'til her vocal chords were swelling and her voice was more hoarser/horser than Tori Spelling's FACE!
Still they swarm the gates
of my fancy estates to greet Norman Bates with a warm embrace
'Less you're Andrea Yates don't ask me for a date, though you're late
Well the sentiment's great - but wait, think there's been a mistake
You wanted an intimate date, I wanna intimidate
I have infinite hate in my blood, it's mainly cause of the game of
{*tri-tone phone ring*} Wait, "Dinner at 8?"
I have infinite hate in my blood, it's mainly cause of the