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Artist: Eminem
Album:  Kamikaze
Song:   Venom (Music from the Motion Picture)
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[Intro: Eminem]
I got a song filled with shit for the strong-willed
When the world gives you a raw deal, sets you off 'til
you, scream "Piss off, screw you" when it talks to you
like you don't belong or tells you you're in the wrong field
When's somethin's in your mitochondrial
Cause it latched onto you, like

Knock knock, let the devil in
Malevolent as I've ever been, head is spinnin, this medicine's
screamin l-l-l-let us/lettuce in, l-l-l-like a salad bowl
Edgar Allan Poe, bedridden, shoulda been dead a long time ago
Liquid Tylenol, gelatins, think my skeleton's
meltin, wicked, I get all high when I think I've smelled the scent
of elephant manure, hell I meant Kahl˙a, screw it, to hell with it
I went through hell with accelerants and blew up my-my-myself again
Volkswagen, tailspin, bucket matches my pale skin, medal win
Went from Hellmann's and bein rail thin, Filet-o-Fish
Scribble Jam, Rap Olympics '97 Freaknik, how can I be down? Me and
Bizarre in Florida, Proof's room, slept on floor of the, motel then
... Dr. Dre said "hell yeah!"
And I got his stamp like a postcard, word to Mel-Man
And I know they're gonna hate but I don't care, I barely could wait
to hit them with the snare and the bass
square in the face, this fuckin world better prepare to get laced
because they're gonna taste my

[Chorus 2X: Eminem]
Venommmm (I got that) adrenaline momentum
Venom, not knowin when I'm, ever gonna slow up and I'm
ready to snap any moment I'm, thinkin it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em (w-w-when they get bit with the)

I said knock knock, let the devil in, shotgun
p-p-pellets in the felt pen cocked, fuck around and catch a hot one
I-i-it's evident I'm not done, v-venomous, the thought's spun
Like your web and you just caught in 'em
Held against your will/wheel like a hubcap or a mud flap, be strangled or attacked
So this ain't gonna feel like a love tap, eat painkiller pills, fuck a blood track
Like what's-her-name's at the wheel, Danica Patrick
threw the car into reverse at the Indy, end up crashin
into ya, the back of it just mangled steel, my Mustang and your Jeep Wrangler grill
With the front smashed in, much as my rear fender, assassin
Slim be a combination of an actual kamikaze and Gandhi
Translation I will, probably kill us both when I end up back in, into ya/India
You ain't gonna, be able to tell what the fuck's happen-in to ya
When you're bit with the


I said knock knock, let the devil in
Alien, E-E-Elliot phone home
Ain't no telling when this chokehold on this game will end, I'm loco
Became a Symbiote, so, my fangs are in your throat, hoe
You're snake-bitten with my, venommmm, with the ballpoint pen I'm
Gun cocked, bump stock, devil eye, buckshot, tied from the upper rock, tie a couple knots
Fired up a Glock, fire, juggernaut, punk rock, bitches +Goin' Down+ like Yung Joc
Cause the Doc put me on like sunblock, why the fuck not? You only get one shot
Ate shit 'til I can't taste it, chased it with straight liquor then paint thinner
Then drank 'til I faint and awake with a headache, and I take anything in rectangular shape
Then I, wait, to face the demons I'm bonded to
Cause they're chasin me but I'm part of you so escapin me is impossible
I latch onto you like a, parasite and I probably ruined your parents' life
and your childhood too cause if I'm the music that y'all grew up on
I'm responsible for you retarded fools, I'm the super villain Dad and Mom was losin
their marbles to, you +Marvel+ that? Eddie Brock is you, and I'm the suit
So call me