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Artist: El Da Sensei
Album:  Relax, Relate, Release
Song:   Speakin'
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[Verse 1]
Now, once more and I'm back again
No misconceptions, connections, fuck the resurrections
Not here to hate or be a thug or...
Just bust hot-ass, raw rhymes that's in my nature
This goes out to dancers, b-boys, and boosters
Stick-up kids, and dice shooters
Manoeuvre slick when I talk shit
Walk with a bop, brandin' the hottest transcript
Fuck what your man did
These days I go for self 
Cause I learned one deal ain't a seal for help
So I rely on my skill and writin' abilities
Magnify all my talents and circular quality
Music for chicks who like it simple
And still think for critics on the streets
Who bang it just for beats
Harness - that hazardous, well-crafted word play
Gone is - the fabulous style cast from Jersey
Wanted - all over the world from circumstances
Outlandish, contagious and demanded
Monitor the format, all signed and sealed
World-class appeal, whup that ass for real
Known as the Ill Speaker from the East
I'm here to step it up a notch, Kaos my nigga, speak

*Kaos scratches*
(The infamous)
(Lyrical terrorist)
(I drop the truth)
(Exclusive from the Bricks)
(I'm the master)
(From the Bricks)

[Verse 2]
Young cats of today only think about dreams
Of ice, bitches, and CREAM and all the drama it bring
But I won't speak upon that, I've got a album to do
All y'all magazine writers prepare for your review
I kick that shit to make you feel relieved
Feel release from the toungue-in-cheek athlete complete
With a colorful outlook, advanced rhyme book
It took mad time perfecting my lines and hooks
For your liking I'm strikin', official rhyme-writin'
All mine and clean, nigga, and never bitin' 
The most favorite emcee in your life
Like famous black role models 'cause I always come right
Catch his ass at nine while my flash has the shine
On the rise mastermind, blast like landmines
I come from a time when the sound was paved
To stay new and creative in this hip-hop place

*Kaos scratches*

[Verse 3]
I institutionalize fans, take 'em to a land unheard of
To serve up, take it a step further
Here to take charge and show y'all what the plan is
Here to show y'all the ways and who the man is
Soul searchin' with stripes that show experience
Passport stamps will show you my gate clearance
Backpackers' support and mainstream fame
I'm 'bout to change the whole game and still stay the same
Planes from the proclaimed master of the flow
Whether wardrobe drippin' with colors or mad low
It's natural how the casual man can grab you
Like John Randall, frauds, I can't stand you!
I never claim to be the best at this
Style priceless, better with my lip service
J. Rawls on the track and you know who I be
Dedicated to the fans and all who's worthy

*Kaos scratches*