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Artist: 8 Ball & MJG f/ T.I., Twista
Album:  Living Legends
Song:   Look at the Grillz
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Look at the grill (4x)
this for my niggaz with the bank roles (look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
this for my niggaz with the pretty cars (look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
this for my niggaz who got all the hoes (look at the grill on my pimp mobile)
this for my niggaz who don't give a fuck (look at the grill on my pimp mobile)

(hey! Grand hustle Bad Boy south lets ride nigga)
chevy super clean, two or three screens
watch a nigga be to the left I lean
50 karats in the crown, niggaz no more sceam
just to let you sucker niggaz know I'm the king
this green I smoke we call it drow
It's deadly as promethazine
you see my folk we ain't no joke
don't turn this into a murder scene
I'm paranoid totin' this .44
been shootin' out since my early teens
I'ma drop that though grab a M-16
you can bring all the niggaz you want to bring
hey! I thought you were running things
all you did was run the screens
must be out his mind thinkin T.I.P. won't touch 'em
see ya I'ma rush ya "Let it Burn" like Usher
click, click, bang you can end the discussion
ain't shit sweet cause I seen you was bluffin
I steal would spray broad day ain't nothing
And let Mac Boney AK do it for me
I'm immune to the drama, act a fool if you wanna
lean in my pocket, 40 calb by the stomach
he acting' like he want it, I'm show a nigga somethin
somebody phinna to have put (&#&#*^%)
I don't tolerate sucka niggas tryin me
take a special kinda nigga to be fly as me
similar to 8ball and MJG been coming that hard since 93
niggaz know, ain't no out shinning me
I've been the G you're trying' to be
I mob with gorillas, squaders and robbers
and killers real niggaz gone ride wit me

[chorus] (2x)

take a look at my wheels, rolling through the south
still spinning and I'm still smoking heavy
look at both of my grills, my motherfucking mouth
looking just like the rims on the chevy
pimp twist I'm a playa still, ballin' in the game come major bills
come and take a trip with me to hater Ville
on some 24 omegas and gator grill
fuck a twist. fuck you bitch
I don't really wanna have to bust you bitch
roman gold shine so hard
niggaz out here know they can't touch that shit
I don't trip, niggaz pull up
I be lookin' proud when I bust that dutch
specially when I look at the mac in the black Cadillac
and the bubbles in the hummer truck
when you see a nigga cruise through
niggaz try to jack you and loose my coop is by the kennel wheels
mother fucker wanna take my style
cause niggaz out here know I'm only fucking with the bonnet grills
and the haters wanna see me fall
how can I let y'all niggaz play me
shited on their good then I pull up
from my vehicle while bumpin' 8 Ball & MJG
twista bitch and I from the shy
with my memphis connect and I ain't going' lie
we be specializing in and up coming with dope shit
and pulling up in cool whips that's fly
still drink, still blow, then I creep through the hood real slow
while I bump kamikaze shit, while I scream look at my grill hoe

[chorus] (2x)

old grill smile, wiling out up in the VIP
the club close at five 'o'clock, we pulling up around three
wood grain wheel gripping, Cinderella sipping
I like my jewelry golden like a piece of fried chicken
money players is demon like I'm willy beaming
like a bitch that practice sucking dick and drinking semen
she sceaming dreaming, wishing she can be my number one
forever young, mama I just wanna' to have some fun

don't try to ever take my cash from me
you mine as well, jump of a cliff you fucking crash dummy
like that's my last money
this for my niggaz who be bussin' back to perpetrators
we don't discriminate, we'll hurt now hurt you later
but I ain't worried, I smoke one on you fucking haters
and I'm hidding gators on the refrigerator
down south memphis Tenn. pimpin' gotta rep it
the third I did, that nigga rugg, boy that nigga pimpin

[chorus] (2x)