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Artist: Eightball
Album:  Lost
Song:   This Is Dedicated
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Eightball ]
So happy, you fill me with joy
Thinkin about what you did for your baby boy
Catchin the bus in the snow on your way to work
Sometimes I walked with you to make sure you didn't get hurt
Old dudes flirt, but none really turned your head
If they was broke and walkin conversation turned dead
Breakin your back for them white folks every day
Makin sure you and I had somewhere to stay
I remember when my great grandmama was livin
Senile, and had to get a lot of your attention
You was young, man, but you still made time
She was goin blind and losin her mind
And wasn't nobody there but you to help her up
When she fell out of bed, always reachin for stuff
You're an angel, put on Earth to watch over me
Thanks for watchin over me and this is dedicated

I got much love for sure
Mama I wish I could do more
You gave me life from yours
I appreciate it
Mama, mama
So I dedicated it
Mama, mama

[ VERSE 2: Eightball ]
I was always into somethin, weed and women
14 years old, hustlin, the street livin
Givin all my time triyna be a key figure
In the cut gettin blowed with them yam-sellin niggas
You always knew I had my hands in some stickiness
But I respected you by keepin you out of my business
But all things done in the dark come to light
And God will never ever forget the night
Tears rolled down your cheek and your voice trembled
Tellin me the police just left here lookin for you
I know you don't want me to be a thug
Always askin 'bout my friends, -- sell drugs
Rappin wasn't payin a cent then, but you understood
Puttin up with all my mess and doin what you could
Not to have a nervous breakdown worryin
But for all your worryin, this is dedicated

[ VERSE 3: Eightball ]
Way back before you and long before me
Long before CD's and big screen TV's
Before Run-D.M.C., before the Bee Gees
Before Star Wars and movies turned 3-d
Before hip-hop turned into cosmic slop
Way before cocained boiled into a crack rock
Long before the first victim of a gun got shot
Before any superstar ever reached the top
Everybody has had or now has
Someone that they can call mama
I say everybody has had or now has
Someone that they can call mama