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Artist: Effect & Dang. 
Album:  You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
Song:   She Likes Me
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[Intro: cuts and scratches of Jay-Z sample by Mister Jason]
"She likes me..."
"She fiends for me nightly"
"She leans for me..." 
"She likes me...", "She fiends for me nightly"
"She likes me...", "She leans for me.."

("She likes me...") ...a lot, but she's too fuckin young
She's 18 years old, and I just ain't scum
or the asshole type that's gonna be sneakin her in the bars
Knowin damn fuckin well, she ain't got a fake card or ID
Ain't puttin that shit on me
She shows up, that's on her, and her college degree
It ain't sittin on my shoulders, honey do your thang
With yo' low-cut shirt, and your high school rang, heh
Hangin it from of your neck and swing it side to side
And I bet that belongs to your boyfriend, right?
You wake up, it's on your dresser and it smells like booze
Completely naked and you can't seem to find your shoes
Grab your phone and scroll, still slightly blitzed
Run down the names, 'til you get to Chris
Oh Chris the rapper, that's filled in so you can tell 'em apart
And say last night was dope, yet I played no part

("She likes me...") Friends are all jealous and shit
Like, "How the hell he pull her? Yo, wassup with this chick?"
("She likes me...") And naw, I ain't even tryin to hit
I got the foresight to see that this girl is batshit
("She likes me...") And yeah, I guess she's nice enough
But I don't really think about her all that much
("She likes me...", "She fiends for me nightly, she leans for me..")
Standin here with a drink and really who would ever fuckin think
("She likes me...")

...and I don't have an idea why
She wasn't there, then she was, just showed up one night
And I tried to brush her off, said she saw me a the show
when I was rockin it with Illicit a couple of months ago
She was all like, "Yo, where'd you learn how to rhyme?"
I said, "I taught myself", can't say she wasn't fine
And the exact type that I would probably go for
if she was 25 or at least 24
Yeah, we was shootin the shit for an hour or two
To me, it was just another discussion, sittin up on a bar stool
But to her, I'm the man, so I have a new fan
Hit her with a CD, then off she ran
to her friends, for the first time, I felt kinda aged
I'm only 28, but I remember those days
She hit me with a text, "i could b ur chick"
I never wrote her back, I don't need that shit


...and by now, I'm sure it's clear
She said she ain't felt like this in years
I'm like, "Years~?!" you need to shut her then fuckin stuffin it up
Not makin this up, your heart's a broken wreck and you're totally fuckin it up
Sometimes shit gets tough, but you'll find a man-to-be
But I can almost guarantee, that that man ain't me
She put those emphasis on all those "kiss me on the cheek"
Then we walked outside, she said, "Good night, E!"
We left at the same time, parted ways in the street
I said, "Take care of yourself", that's when she started to tweet
"Chris is the greatest guy I've ever met in my life!
 I just left the bar with him and he made my night!"
The next day, I woke up, turned on the TV
to see her face, she was found dead, top story
And based on all the texts and the tweets and shit
There's a guy name Chris police would like to speak with