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Artist: Effect & Dang.
Album:  You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
Song:   You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
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Yeah, heh-heh
It's the last track on my record so, y'know..

I grew up idolizing rappers who got shot in the face
Standin on the same corner, the exact same place
They was standin on the cover of they first LP
Was lucky if my heroes drop three CDs'
It was great to hear Jay-Z rap about ki's
Cause he was clever with the wordplay in each 16s'
I'd listen to him when I drove over to Steve's
on my Walkman, rollin on my Haro GT
Was from a quiet neighborhood, a couple of streets
from the projects, that's the place that I would first meet
heartache from this chick, think her name was Charlene
First place I smoke weed and drink my first 40
I'd write rhymes and kick 'em, for my friends daily
Until each and every one of them agreed
This rap shit could be a little more than a scheme
But gettin signed was a joke, it was all a dream!

"I know that you don't love me... and I don't care
 So why don't you leave me ALOOOONE
 Cause I don't care (oh no no no)
 Everywhere (Cause I hurt just like you)"

Anyway, there was a record label M.I.A.
Krumb Snatcha was on, I'd roll through everyday
They got cocktailed then they closed the doors one day
Probably had a fuckin garbage bag full of demo tapes
Effect on the side in the mill like "Great!"
Like I was ever gonna get a call anyway
I was that nice, the world needed to know
Rap without me was like winter with no snow
Pimps with no hoes or rappers with no shows
or Grand Theft Auto without a gun code
You're just some asshole that's stolen some bagged blows
against the mob, no gun, dead by Level 4
I was tryin to be alive by Level 9
Workin at a supermarket after school part-time
Supervisor said, "Yo son, I heard you can rhyme
My boy D make beats, you should page him sometime"


I paged D 'til he wanted to throw his pager away
But either way, I left Bean Town with a beat tape
Recorded "They Want Real" with way too many bars
Now here's the rest of my career in four fuckin bars
"They Want Real," got a deal, The Effect EP
Was never fuckin mastered, but still released
The "Tantrum" turned to an accident on the activate
Me and Dang. "Simply Dope", now peep what we create
Now I'm like the Madd Rapper at the start of Track 4
of Life After Death before "Kick in the Door"
Cause you can spit about this and you can spit about that
But the fact my shit's more John Blaze than that!
I got John Blaze shit, y'all ain't got shit
And FUCK that~! Who is YOU to be askin me shit?!
This is my fourth album and I don't know what's more clear
the fact you don't love me or that I don't care