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Artist: Effect & Dang. f/ D-Tension, MC Esoteric, Mic Stylz, Illicit, Termanology 
Album:  You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
Song:   Headphones Lie
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[Intro: Effect]
Aiyyo, man, yo.. Dang., man I had this crazy dream last night
It was like, yo, there was six of us and we all went in on one track and..
Eheheh, it was bugged out, man
It was like... Mic Stylz, rock rock on and-ah
Termanology, rock rock on and-ah
D-Tiddy, rock rock on and-ah
Illicit, rock rock on and-ah
Esoteric, rock rock on and-ah
My man Dang., rock rock on and-ah
Aiyyo Term, man, you the early bird in this motherfucker
Yo, kill that shit, let these motherfuckers know they all...

...terrible! Never flowin above average
Laughin at ya tracks at this Cracker Barrel, a bag of piff
Hazardous to your health, make you melt if you challenge this
Me and my dogs make up a squad of the violentest
rappers that you ever met, slap you then I crack a Beck's
Statued as the best so rest at my inhabitance
Imagine this miraculous flow, check how I master this
Aiyyo Effect, son pass the rope, I toe tag 'em quick
I'm on my G Rap shit, my flow complicated
So I'm exonerated, my whole squad amazing
Rap sucks and I mean not us
but most of these jack-in-the-box cats that pop up {*pop*}
Get chopped up tryin to go against the samurai
My sword's sharp, machettes'll cut a hair in five
You bump your own shit, swearin that you top five
But your headphones just lie, it's all in your mind

Now what kinda brand do I gotta buy
to think you tight, cause my fuckin Bose headphones fried
Do I gotta bite the bullet, buy the ones by Dre?
Shit ain't popped off since my last shot of Jäge'
It taste great when it's chased with of an emcee's fate
Mixtapes are paperweights and the managers rape
The rap game's Penn State, y'all are freshmen bait
That explains why you always show up to class late
Great, gimme one goal that you set and achieve
Dappin Term at a show ain't really what I mean
Neither is meetin Mic or a beat by D.
Gimme anything, one rhyme that I can believe
How 'bout an MP3? What the fuck is a disc?!
To press play, skip skip, pause, skip skip skip
Shit, at least you drop songs that your best friend like
Cause you ain't that fly, unless my headphones lie

[MC Esoteric]
Naw, they poorly tell the truth, just another dick in the booth
Sounded like he never spend no time around the mic
We down to strike, counter strike on the flim-flams
Spam my Instagram, @MCEsoteric
"This shit is the jam" - no it's not, put it away
Find a new line of work, put my reply on your résumé
I rock, Middle Eastern bills
Now I rock Dubai, makin Middle Eastern bills
I got the bees-like skills, and a rugged flow
Stuck in the 90s' like a boom bap tempo
So when they say, "Here, bud", 
I take that music, put it in my earbud headphones
Put that I, need an ear plug cause, I don't wanna hear thugs
rhymin over gentle thuds of Drake-inspired drums
That are hard as soap suds out of baby bubble baths
You rhyme? Don't make a motherfucker laugh

I got buds in my ears, got buds on this track
I smoke a lotta buds, yeah these buds got my back
I'm back, the new single, get it for free
If you're gonna steal my records, please steal 'em from me
We got, Mediafire,
Megaupload, ?Out Solug?, and Amazon
Decade three, a decorated career
and more money makin records than on weed and beer
I'm still here, but where my peer group go?
Mike Zoot, El Fudge, Mighty Mi, hello?
I can't believe I outlasted them bastards
I wish to God they come back a lot faster
Cause frat rap overtook the game
Just when I thought rap couldn't be more lame
They sound the same, they cut from the same pie
But they sayin the shit's hot, guess my headphones lie

Yeah, I guess my headphones lie
All that gun totin, you ain't that guy (b-r-r-rat~!)
All that blunt smokin, you ain't that high
All that cunt pokin, you ain't that fly, liar liar
You never heard the story 'bout the black tongue?
All that noise you poppin ain't shit, lil' cap gun
Only go to church and slap nuns, you are that thug
when you stayed in school, err'day, with a packed lunch
I need headphones with deception-protection
They livin in a dream, +Inception Inception+
Curse 'em all out, for good measure, throw a hex in
Rememberin the day when they used to be my best friend
Now I'm lookin at 'em like I don't wanna wear 'em
and FUCK speakers too, I don't wanna hear 'em
They promise they'll be with me 'til the day I die
But now I can't trust no one, my headphones lie, damn!

[Mic Stylz]
I write this rhyme with the finger to the sky
Cause to me, most the best emcees already died
I write this rhyme with a tear to my eye
Cause either rap sucks these days or my headphones lied
Hip-hop still alive but it's shoppin for a headstone to buy
Cause birdbrain rappers wanna act fly
They wanna act sly, they wanna talk swag
They wanna talk Fab, and +Throw It in the Bag+
When I was comin up, underground heads had a backpack
Nowadays, the underground's replaced by frat rap
Kids rockin snapbacks, thinkin it's a throwback
But snapbacks were never cool, don't you fools know that?
Each day I keep a tighter grip on my pride
And every day it gets harder for me to let shit slide
Everyday, I try to eat and keep the hunger inside
I love hip-hop, even when my headphones lie