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Artist: Effect & Dang.
Album:  Songs to Play Mortal Kombat To
Song:   Penicillin On Wax
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Yeah, +Penicillin On Wax+
Tell Tim Dog I got a spot for him to crash
Ain't shit changed since he dropped the last
I just floss now, iTunes pay for my gas
It's still hell on wax, still true and exact
Some excel better bringing trap to mass
I heard boom bap is the thing of the past
Yet it's still the only style never had to come back
Still generates cash without a gun or a badge
Rick Ross - best cop ever to rap
Scarface came back for like a month and a half
Then retired again, it wasn't worth the cash
Homie riddle me that before you diddle the facts
Get the scrilla, my killa, and hit me off with half
Ain't scurred, you wack, just some kids of rap
Blow the bubbles off ya ass while you piss in the bath

Every single rapper taking over this year
Well that's the same shit that they said last year
Eardrums shot, got a cure for that
I got a brand new batch: penicillin on wax
Penicillin on wax! (PENICILLIN ON WAX!) {3X}
I got a brand new batch: penicillin on wax

Every record I hear, they say this is my year
It ain't your fuckin year dunny, nobody cares
I'm not kidding, nothing's ever been so clear
Tracing paper and a Bic pen - that's your career
Copy and paste rapper with a real good ear
Can mimic the style, but you can't force the cheers
Can rent a car for a video, but you can't steer
Can act like a tough guy but can't erase the tears
That ran down your face the day that guy starred
at your chain saying he can rip it off, so yeah
Rewriting your past ain't such a great idea
Especially when the fact don't flatter the air
Ain't no bullshit here, my ammo still tears
Just a dent on the bottom from hammers hitting the rear
In my high school years, battles weren't even fair
The fact you mistake murder for some flattery's weird


What have you heard that's hot? Who's got it or not?
Who do you feel has the talent to come out and drop
a whole record that doesn't completely bellyflop
In the pool of the industry diver or not
It's like every rapper has to compromise what they say
To meet the new quota, drop a song a day
An EP a week, a mixtape or two
A GOOD rapper could be great if they at rest to prove
Instead we get spoon-fed from these tools
I give a FUCK what you say if what you say don't move
my goddamn head when I'm in the whip
Every year the same shit, Filet-O-Fish
It makes me wanna pick it up and repeatedly smash
Like the Genesis controller in my room way back
When I didn't tell Joe the special move, in fact
And he STILL whoop my ass up in Mortal Kombat