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Artist: Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels f/ Nottz, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Floetry in Motion
Song:   Mighty Floe Young
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[Intro: cuts and scratches by DJ Flash]
"Edgar Allen Floe", "Royce 5'9"
"J on the motherfuckin WHEELS!"
"Nottz Raw means, I'm that shit"

Lil' nigga, I'm a muh'fuckin monster, I drool when I talk
Shit crumble and die throughout the paths I done walked
Eyes stay blood red 'cause I ain't slept in a hundred years
I'm one vampire that bust heads, get tough guy
Thinkin you can fuck wit the boy {UH UH, DEM LIE!}
Nuff dem die and fry for that shit, dig it? {DIG IT? Dig it? dig it?}
Now what yo' GOD-damn problem is?!
{*gun clicks*} I ain't think so, bitch!
Sitcho' monkey ass on down 
Before I putcho' monkey ass on down like you went wild from a zoo {*monkey screeches, gunshot*}
Nottz Raw ring bells from here to Kalamazoo
You ain't gotta like my shit! Nigga, FUCK YOU~!
Listen, there's a big enough muh'fuckin opinions that means somethin
And a fourth of that be frontin
The other 75% fuck with that real hip-hop
Bitch stop - HOL' UP befo' a nigga go nuts!

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Flash]
"Real niggaz only" "5'9""
"I be the five-star gener-real" <- Floe
"Edgar Allen Floe is that, that dude"
"Trust me, I'm as live as it gets" <- Royce
"Nottz Raw means, I'm that shit"
"J on the motherfuckin WHEELS!"
"Edgar Allen Floe", "Royce 5'9"
"The illest, the-the illest" <- Floe

[Edgar Allen Floe]
Aiyyo, you get slapped up in VA
Transported to NC, now who the fuck wanna see E?!
10 o' clock news got your face up on the TV
Missing motherfuck, from my clutches he wanna be free
Break the shackles, Kunta Kinte slave
Naw, homie! (Naw homie!) Sitcha ass down, Toby
The god speaks mathematics, I will bring noise
'Cause this year, in my cipher, I build and destroy
This is grown-man shit lil' boy, you still potty-training
Straight outta Raleigh blazin, you still prol'ly hatin
And Floe is goin apeshit, breakin the law to the matrix
For you there's no escapin, L you facin
So take THIS! (THIS) - a small word of advice
Stay the FUCK out my path, you truly valued your life?
Edgar Allen Floe is lethal, one over zero
Keepin the undefined, no effort but still shine


[Royce Da 5'9"]
GO! Nigga run
Nottz ask me for ANYTHING, it's Yung Berg's carrer - DONE
Extended cartridge, I call you niggaz food
'cause you get hands put on you at any market, uh!
Besides rollin with Gs' is my crew
Responsible for the "No-fly zone" in the D
You come THRU, you betta call somebody, 'cause we don't care
We'll leave witcha legs and leave the wheelchair
Uh, we'll sit in ya bushes prepared for a shootout
wit a couple of extra militias and pushers
If you don't get it, you can get it, forget it, we run the city
The bitch, wit me, she pretty, she British, she bring the kitty to the vet!
(WHOO!) Ah, nigga I'm lethal, I take ya whole city on
All I need is me and ten of my people
Ah, nigga I'm a winner, my bitch name is Victoria
Ah, I go hard, they call me a go-to warrior, OUT!

[Chorus: DJ Flash mixes up the cuts this time]