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Artist: Eddie Ill & DL f/ Ashcru, J-Live, Last Emperor
Album:  Eddie Ill & DL Present... The Time Has Come!
Song:   Ashcru, J-Live and Last Emperor Freestyle
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[Last Emperor]
Mother Earth we adore you the best has been put forth for you
Recipricate, always put forth your best
Make no mistake The Emperor's fresh
a firm believer in the creature that lives in the Pacific Northwest
As you all guessed this is classified fiction
Allow me to provide a more accurate dipiction
There's a large hairy man, sent to dwell in the forests
Emitting cries so scary they terrorize local tourists
Some call him Bigfoot, Canadian Backdrop
People of that particular region call him Sasquatch
Eight feet tall about six feet wide
Shaggy, brown hide ninety-seven inch stride
Thrill-seekers attack it, scientists try to track it
Bionic Man, Steve Austin, fought it and got his ass kicked
You think its deep what keep up, you catch the flow dragon
Primordial lyrics date back to the Cromagnum
I crush mics with one touch I'm bending em
But I'm about to go crash in Harry and The Hendersons

[Ashcru (of Unspoken Heard)]
Ay-yo, ay-yo, every time I walk up in a hip-hop show
I get swept to the front like a barbershop flow
Moonlight, give me insight, to write out of sight
Deliveries with the ability to bend mics
I won't stop my drop come straighter than pen stripes
Invite me to a battle rebuttle is skin tight
You wonder how I be speakin this, freakin this, reakin this havoc
On empty MC's with styles automatic
I sift through the bullshit, to lift out the ?
Who's gassin the masses like he's standing at the pulpit
Then push it out my mass, break emergency glass
Fast forward to the last, make his future my past
Have a blast while I do it as a poet you should know it
From the time that I went to it, your ass is grass when Ashcru shit
Now who slipped up in the cipher with the blue-black lighter
Seven Heads empire don't stop

Consider this lyrical fitness the calisthetic for the best part
Bench press without no spot
My rhyme escaped from a place that was dark and wet
Into a world that ain't ready for its caliber yet
Some'll test it premature just cause life ain't fair
Like when the system know you're innocent but still don't care
But unlike criminal justice win, lose, or draw
the greater good gets served when you're spottin a flaw
Not likely though, this mic be so greatful
By the time I'm done it be feedback fruit for the non-theatric
Phonetic tactics grandmaster's like, "I ain't even seen that move"
You're not supposed to, cuz, so just sit back and enjoy
Livetown no fat beats are unemployed
I put tracks to work like the MTA
Most terrific-al chemist in the world today
We're nothing like King Midas as the story was told
W.F. ? that they receive more gold
Yeah the crowd scream "Yes, yes y'all!"
In the hiphop context to proflex for all of y'all