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Artist: Eastsidaz f/ Butch Cassidy, Kokane, Nate Dogg
Album:  Duces 'N Trays - The Old Fashioned Way
Song:   Cool
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[Nate Dogg]
Just yesterday I had to turn a bitch away
I got to many on my side - I got to many in my face
Come ride with me
Take you where the gangstas play
Often heard but seldom seen
Thats the way that its supposed to be
When you do see me
Mobbin wit a gangsta lean
Got a piece by my side
You can ride baby close your eyes girl

[Chorus:  Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy, & Kokane]
I'm so cool

[Butch Cassidy]
It's me I'm back again
It's never gonna end
I know y'all heard it all before
I just gotta give ya more
Catch me rollin in the night
If I turn off my lights
The eastsidaz in the game
You hear my voice and know my name
You should bang this down on your block
All through your hood
Burnin trees...burnin trees
Ladies let the music run right through you
Just like I'll do - Butch Cassidy


I'm so cool I that I sweat ice cubes when I'm heated up
Take this move, this groove and still G it up
Stroll so slow you swore my leg was broke
Pimpin hoes down south, back east to west coast
Im Tracy Dee but think of me as mr. freeze
Gangsta leanin on the scene on them twisted deez
Big ballin mad doggin like a gangsta ride
As I exit I step with my stacey shine
I'm so cool but motherfcukers know I'm a fool
Ten times outta ten catch me toaten the tool
Laid back or stay strapped for pay back
To think that I'm slippin then crippin from way back
Now let me break it down a notch
Smooth like I do when I pound the cock
We cold motherfuckas holdin down the block
Everybody knowin that tha dogg pound is hot
We so cool now

[Kokane & Goldie Loc]
If everybody turn there radios on at twelve o'clock
We'll make the world pop

[Goldie Loc]
It's too good right now
Blunkey blunkey
Remmey remmey
Plenty gumbo
Snoop gimme some mo'
Swakin that like a damn fool
Acedemics stacey adams feelin way to cool
Theres alot things that make me wanna frown though
But I'm grinnin like a motherfucka
Throwin dogg pound up
Snappin my fingaz stompin my feet
It's what you get from a gangsta with these hard ass beats
I'm cool as fuck and don't say to much
Talk shit to the homies cuz they know whats up
As the gangstas go dead diggle my niggle
Still got patience still makin niggaz
I just wanna be myself
What I receive from the homies is help
We had a conversation today about who aint pitchin in
Keep suckas away that don't fit in
I'm so cool


*Kokane mumbling until the end*