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Artist: E-A-Ski f/ Ice-T
Album:  Earthquake
Song:   Player Haters
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[Intro: Ice-T]
Yo, E-A-Ski man
What's up with these jealous motherfuckers, man?
These fuckers be hating man, these fucking fagots

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]
Player haters, you mad cause we got what you want
We're having it nigga, and we're quick to flaunt
But don't step to the Ice or the E-A-Ski
Cause every one whose did it; is now R-I-P

What's the matter? - a nigga can't have nothing no more!
Keep my strap in my lap when I flex my four
Niggaz hawking; looking crazy cause my girl is so fly
Niggaz hating on my Daytons, seem they want to die

Shit, a motherfucker has got my name in his mouth so it's on
Still pack the chrome, got the P-220 at your dome
I ain't no motherfucking joke when I bust
Still cuff my nuts as I slang these slugs in your guts

Shit, I do got something to loose (What's that?)
Crazy cash flow, alligator's shoes (Right!)
Fast cars and boats, flowing mad C-Notes
Haters catch a bullet and that's all she brought

CP Bannon will be the home of the haters
A straight death ground
Cause they're dead like the motherfucking Oakland Raiders
Ain't no Life Support bitch, and when where we hit
And clear these motherfucking haters off the Markland

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]

Yo Ski, I heard them niggaz up in the bay be tripping, man
I can't believe them niggaz be hating like that, man
We're representing my nigga

It's the haters' Syndrome, so when you bend the..
Corner in your shit, have a stash box; for the fat glocks
POP! any nigga that run up showing envy
Many; motherfuckers just died on the Eastside
It ain't no thing cause niggaz be coming short
Hating on motherfuckers that was once broke like you
So break bread motherfucker break this (*Gun Shots*)
Too much hate just making more blacks statistic

Jealous motherfuckers just get straight up dip
You're just mad cause a player hustled up a grip
I didn't do nothing to ya, never even knew ya
Step (*Gun Shot*) the *TEC-9 *rips right through ya
You ain't no player, never was, never will be
Talking all that pimp shit fool, you niggaz kill me
Niggaz having games straight respect my name
Fucking player haters, yo, you all the same

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]

Shit nigga, we blast if we have to in this motherfucker
Ha ha ha, it ain't no thing to blast on a motherfucking hater
Nigga don't love me!

Niggaz would turn a nice guy into a goddamn maniac
Fully strapped, ready for combat nigga, I play a hate back
You're talking shit but it don't making money though
So therefore, yo, I bonafide taking whore
I set up shot and still drop fat shit on ya
Still claiming Eastside, Oakland California
Motherfuckers still awaiting for my downfall
Bump that, fuck all y'all

A lot of you niggaz are haters and don't know it
See a nigga knocked a fly bitch and stitch
You can't control what you're doing cause you're hating too deep
Acting like you're not knowing how the fuck you sleep
Damn! a true player can't never act like that
I love to see a nigga weaving with his bang gold fat
I love to see a nigga clowning with his crimeys and crew
Ice can't never player hate that cause my game is too true

[Chorus: Ice-T X2]

You know what I'm saying Ski?
These motherfucking haters out there man
They bet that; that beat ain't nothing man
They're just be hating your car
They're just be hating cause you got fly clothes
They be hating themselves cause they can't knock a bitch
Ain't my motherfucking fault, pussy motherfuckers
Haters, they be hating man, you don't know man
They're just be hating.. they're hating this jam right now
Hating they didn't make it - Fuck them!