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Artist: Earl Sweatshirt
Album:  Earl
Song:   Kill
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Aw, nigga thought he killed me?
That's cool
We'll see

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Strict top of the crop shit
Crushin muh'fuckers like moss in a mosh pit
Dollar cents since shit, sense I ain't lost it
It's in a fuckin jar with guitar picks and bar spit
Bar spat, past tense, warriors of radness
Fuck lame, get it through your brain like dad's dick
Go ahead, stab a friend, tell him that I'm back bitch
Earl leave bastards with milkiest asses
Take a firm standing, nine on the tracklist
Earl half the reason the review's fantastic
Niggas gettin comfy on the couch, I ain't havin it
Kickin gluteus maximus, killin niggaz on accident

Just watch, I'ma kill 'em all {*3X*}
Just watch, off 'em!

[Earl Sweatshirt]
Often, no off days, no debates bitch
Box logo, switchblade and cocaine
in my back pocket, take Jade on vacation
The hotel switch from +Heartbreak+ to +Bates+ quick
Rippin out braids with bare hands amazes
The crowd go crazy, hands raised I'm laced with
swag by the eighth in case you wanna taste it
Faggots wear Prada, Satan wears RMK shit
Hell's Angel, crack Christ cross the face with erasers
and use +Based God+ as his replacement
+Super Saiyan+ with ruthless slayings
Eat puss, sweet puss got my tooth decayin


[Earl Sweatshirt]
Now pan the cameras back to me and Pamela's
amateur threesome with Hannah Montana's manager
And Miley feedin me sandwiches for my stamina
And Santa's in the back laughin cause my back's crampin up
Mrs. Claus trippin balls, think she had enough
and by enough I mean we dope as fuck, she had a gram of us
Flyer than your man because I'm lampin up
At the airport smokin hash with all the fuckin baggage handlers
Flowin like the motherfuckers aqueducts
Odd Future Wolf Gang, fag damagers
Bitch~! ... Eat a dick