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Artist: Dro f/ Boe Skagz, Tay Nati
Album:  Waist Deep Soundtrack
Song:   Guttaville
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Uh, Where I'm from, take you around my way

guttaville, niggaz pop, people get killed down in
guttaville hustle hard and broke steel down in
guttaville, far away from society
guttaville, I wish the devil would try me

[Boe Skagz]
I'm ridin' low, white walls on the caddy still
I'm hot all the way to to watts all the day to nattyville
not a father figure, stop askin how your pappy feel
clean cut 'em keep the head an be still
guttaville, yeah we broke out here
Peter Bowl rolled like blunts when you smoked out there (smoked out)
imagine takin a step through some place where niggaz left you
then they tryin to test you, you made 'em all respect you
see thats exactly where my people come from
the grind all the slash beans come from
we dun walk through the storm, you ever sleep with my gun (sleep with my gun)
it's a lotta math I don't wanna teach to my son
like countin rocks, the stove and the ? be one
see a simple mind always had to pay a hard price
where I'm from it's cold, we keep the heater at night
jay anit the only one who had a life a hard knock life
we from


[Tay Nati]
You can die on the corner come up off for a quarter
place a order, have you over easy under some water
you can get whatever you need
40 ounces in weed, coca leaves cookin the kitchen
kids playin the streets, 15 with heat, belt buckles stuck on they knees
who we disrespect jumpin you niggaz and bleed
money bitches and burners cars, beefin, and murders
tryin to change for em, just say fuck and we dirty
you can get jacked for your jersey, get that ass shot for your rims
shootin dice, broad daylight bomber jackets and timbs
at the club, niggaz 16 deep in the truck
niggaz talkin shit and they ain't strapped, stupidest fuck
come to the 50, ? you see what I mean
you ain't gotta be a actor to get cut from the scene
the roll squad and we head for the whole pot
don't care if you won't stop, we'll rain on your whole block


either kill or be killed, you can be fake or be real
turn into somebody's meal
my whole section is ?
we live off this, make deals with killers that take pills
our motto is stay real, eat off your meal
fat with ?
doc my hood's ill, save him
workin hard 9 to 5 but won't pay him
the lord treat my niggaz like roaches, they tryin to spray 'em
the government be ? 10-4, a'okay 'em
black to the future they tryin to ?
the devil never play for oakland, but still raid us
only God can save us