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Artist: Dreezy
Album:  5 AM in Toronto (S)
Song:   5 AM in Toronto (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You could never estimate me
You never woulda thought
That I'm a legend in the makin
Hot verses every record
Feeling heat like some Jamaican
Blizzie boy be the killa
I'm diggin your grave in

You could never match
The pinnacles I've been placing
Underground rappers
Locked up in the basement
Crib the studio
Homie that's where I make hits
Somebody gotta go tape this

King labeled in gold
I'm going all in
I never bluff
I got these others rappers foldin
Sittin at the winner circle
Got my team in it
Haters want fame
They wanna be in it
Dreezy from lean
Always burning green
So plz mothafucka get to steppin
If you ain't winnin

I stunt for two niggas
That's stunt double
Criminals takin shots
You don't want trouble
Drivers round here tryna hit and run
Spittin all these whack bars
And they say its just for fun
Hater niggas
Course you would talk of me
Id kill all yall niggas
If I dissed ya properly

Got dudes in my the circle talkin shit
Its turnin to a square
You mothafuckas don't fit
Guess they really do need me
They wanna stick around
And then say they knew dreezy, but

I don't fuck with them niggas
I got a true squad
Real niggas in it cuz you niggas is not
Got k's on
My first major collaboration
That's up for all to see
You can't say I faked it
Kid Basic is on
He on some fuckin ape shit
Liars got no advantage
Beating any cases
Timing's everything
Believe that I'm getting faces
And if a rapper would
I wouldn't trade em places

They got me feelin comfy
At the spot that I be
A verse for a verse
Who am I, Hammurabi?
I needa see check soon, nigga
Write the order pay to me swisha papi

Setting trends that y'all seem to copy
My delivery the paper boy
Read about it
It says "Ay I caught a body
Yo dreez caught a body"
Tim was on the hook
Ya boy caught a body
If the mic was my gun
Ill win the fight
My lyrics my shots
Zig told once
But it's on to the next one
If bullets fire backwards
Wouldn't lose one

You wouldn't even lose one
If the city knew I'd make it
They'd know that i just begun
Leave it to a kid
To be moonwalking on the sun
If you want me to quit
Then I'll kick it witcha shawty
All yaaaa