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Artist: Dreamville f/ J. Cole, Young Nudy
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   Sunset
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Pyrex whipper"}

[Intro: J. Cole]
Niggas want smoke, mmm
Niggas want smoke, I want it too, mmm
Niggas want, mmm, niggas want, mmm

[Chorus: J. Cole]
Mmm, niggas want smoke, I want it too, roses are red, my diamonds are blue
Pockets is green, a permanent hue, my niggas get work like assignments is due
Just made a mil', I counted it once, I think I go spread it around in the slums
2-6 God, that's where I'm from, help me get used to the sound of the drum
Rolls Royce ridin' down Sunset, I must get a crib in L.A.
Fuck a nigga finna tell me? Catch him slippin', Cinderell-ayy
Big ass chopper make God flinch, duckin' from the boys in the field
Just as good as poison with the steel, hesitation always get you killed nigga

[J. Cole]
I wanna pop my shit, I wanna cop my whip in cash
On that note, pull up on them folks in an all black Ghost like Christmas Past
Vicious ass, low-key rich with the same outfit that I did just have
Pardon the smoke, that's just my staff, Quik Stop, never seen this much gas nigga
I got a story to tell you to speak for the niggas that never could speak for theyself
I was off Cumberland Road when a couple of niggas mistook me for somebody else
I put the pedal to metal when I seen the muzzle, I couldn't help but think to myself
Boy keep your ass in the house, the city is bad for your health, pow!


[Young Nudy]
(Y'all really with the shit)
Pull up on your block, ain't no hesitation (skrrt)
Hit you with the stick, try to run, you ain't gon' make it (huh?)
Whole lot of money on your head, gotta take it (yeah I do)
Roll through your hood like some dice, we gon' shake it (we gon' shake it)
Bitch turned up in the spot booty shakin', yeah (nasty)
I like this bitch gettin' naked, yeah (yeah bitch)
Fuck for the money, she crazy, huh (yeah bitch)
Paradise East, from the bricks, yeah they made me
Nigga wanna hate, gettin' money, say I'm crazy (okay)
Shit bankroll, ain't nothin' but big faces
Spread it in your face, make a motherfucker hate me
Whole lot of money, make me wanna come take it
I'm in the hood where this shit ain't safe
It's okay, got a Glock, AK
Niggas try to play, I'ma hit 'em in they face