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Artist: Dreamville + more *
Album:  Revenge of the Dreamers III
Song:   1993
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

* Buddy, Cozz, EARTHGANG, J. Cole, J.I.D, Smino

[Intro: Buddy]
Ayy, these motherfuckers man, yo
{"Elite, Elite, Elite"} Check it
Yo, check it out, ayy
Since 1993, I've been smokin' weed
Ask about me
Niggas know not to, oh, wait
Niggas know, oh, fuck, ayy

[Chorus: Smino]
Roll up, and pour me a drink up, let's get fucked up
Roll up, and pour me a drink up, let's get fucked up
Roll up, and pour me a drink up, let's get fucked up
Roll up (shit)

Uhh, I'm drunk at a party, ain't put down my cup
The fuck is my water? I picked this shit up
Then drank all the water, and threw this shit up
It's ash in my cup, I'm mad as a mug, huh
I push pack like USPS
You is, a b-itch

[Interlude: Buddy]
Aiyyo, yo, shut the fuck, ayy
Don't even rap nigga, you
Ayy, hold on
Hold the fuck up, nigga

Tell me why you wanna come get high tonight
I only got one +REASON+, I'm Top Dawg tonight
I let the broads borrow my room and I got caught tonight
Drunken partyin', slobberin', 'nother sloppy night
Always fight with my momma but look, on my leave night
I'll call her when I'm a baller, I promise that I'ma spoil ya
Until then I'ma ignore you, it's nothin' personal (sorry)
I'm just tryna fuck a couple girls and go
Can't do that while I'm on the phone, I'm not a mother's boy
I'm a motherfucker

[Interlude: Buddy]
Ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy
Hold on, hold on nigga
Can I smoke? Can I smoke? Can I smoke nigga?


[Doctur Dot]
Yeah, sittin' sideways, side-steppin' side bitches
Side eyes, light skin, need stitches, mind your business
I'm slurrin' my verbiage, surfin', no turfin'
My girl drippin', dirty whispers in my ear
I don't mumble, ABC your way up out the convo
Lookin' for sluts, oh? I know a couple

[Interlude: Buddy]
Bro bro bro bro, ayy bro bro bro bro
Ayy nigga, come on like
Ni-, stop rappin', start passin'~!
(Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh!) Like, can I? My nigga
Bro, bro


Look, okay the weed so strong it got me stressed
The stress so strong it got me weak yeah
I'm so on, it threw me off yeah, I'm throwed off, yes indeed
I threw up after my threesome
On my threads, had to leave the crime scene like criminals do
She wanna come to my crib and give me a genital smooch
Typical typical, get the piccolo, skididdle, skedaddle
I sling peen like a lasso~!
That mean king save the queen from the castle, I grab the saddle
Prisoner to prescription, it's changed jackal, Jack Daniels
Shawty tryna tell me

[Interlude: Buddy]
Motherfucker, ayy, didn't I say? Nigga, ayy
We can't rap nigga, we smokin' weed!
Stop rappin' nigga, this is not a rap session
We gettin' high

[J. Cole]
If I smoke a blunt right now
I'ma be on 285 with my pants pulled down around my ankles
Still no stranger to the blunt smoke, gun smoke
You niggas don't want smoke, no guts like that Swisher we just smoked
We cutthroat, niggas ain't

[Outro: Buddy]
Hold, hold on, hold on
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
Hold on, wait wait wait wait, ayy, wait
Shh, shhhhhh, shhhh! (hahahahaha)
Wait wait wait, okay
Watson, Watson stop, cause this nigga J. Cole
He done grew some dreads, he think he smoke now (hehehehe)
Pass the blunt nigga, stop rappin'
That's the end of the song nigga
This the end of the session, we goin' home
I just called my Lyft
I just wanna call the mother, I mean hit the blunt, I mean
Let me try one more time (hahahaha!)