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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album:  The Return of Dr. Octagon
Song:   Aliens
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
What am-what am-what am-what am I gonna do when the aliens get here?
Oxygen is powered up enough fuel at landscape
2.7 in the cockpit, chemicals ride from Saturn across
From the Mercury astronaut, George Austin
Fr-fr-fr, fr-fr-fr, from the economoics liberation in Boston
Massachusetts protected by the army of red berets
Special effect units, navigational trainin, full altitudes
3 compulsive rates, Phoenix Arizona you loner
Aliens lookin in my face, reserved marines

Comin in, comin in (.. aliens)
Comin in, comin in (.. aliens)
(.. aliens!! Aliens)

D.C. stop 14 in Texas stop
The greyish blue flyin saucer we flowin
The highway that night, the orange beam comin down was right
Truckstop - not a myth - remember that light?
The orange beam - not a myth - remember that light?
Observation - not a myth - remember that light?
You've been abducted by Death

Jets ready, steam full engine
Service space satellites, watch check the parkin lights
Connect the inputs in
Protected by steel carbon and tin
Gasoline thrust, 17 points in
Observation, aliens- aliens under frustration
Kamikaze gear, security information
Close your windows, send men out to post, hold your location
Look around, that's right, we movin up downtown
Closin in, posin in (stop)

{*beat speeds up*}

That's right (stop) we dozin in
You move and stop the heat, we come frozen in (stop stop)
(Stop stop... stop)
Look around, movin up downtown
Look around, that's right, that's right
Protoplasm protection suit
Four o'clock and the fire engages
(.. aliens!! Aliens)

A telephone code, earthman, you know it was us
(.. aliens!!)

With two cans of, that's right, we came dangerous
(.. aliens!! Aliens)

(Stop) {*scratching*} (.. aliens!! Aliens)
That's right, look- look-look around
Movin up {*scratch*} you've been abducted
(.. aliens!!) That's right (stop)
Look-look around, look ar- round-round
Look ar- (.. aliens!!) You've been abducted
That's right... that's right (round- round-round, stop)
We movin movin, we movin movin
We movin up-
We movin up downtown, comin in

(.. aliens!!) Comin in, comin in
(.. aliens!!) Comin in, comin in
(.. aliens!!) Comin in... {*echoes to end*}