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Artist: Dr. Dre f/ Dawn Robinson, Snoop Doggy Dogg
Album:  Death Row: Break Up to Make Up Mixtape
Song:   Zoom Zoom (Extended Version)
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* Dr. Dre repeats "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" over all the verses

[Intro: Dr. Dre Talking]
I got my mind made up
Come on, get in, get into it
To let it right
Yeah, tonight's tonight
Yeah, check it

[Dr. Dre]
Relax yourself, and let your conscience be free
Get down to the sounds of the D-R-E
Cause tonight's tonight, I'll get in some shit  "yeah"
Deep cover, black tint MAN Hummer
Jams rock the whole summer
Stackin' his green while niggaz get dumb and dumper
A headline, keep the shines
What's this surprise?
Got the D.O. double G applied to me with the dope rhyme

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Wake up to make up, wake up it's time to take up
More paper, it's Snoop and Dre who gettin' shake up
And take up, to hold you all for all my dogs
We hit you with that bang bang, boogie boogie y'all
Whether slidin' in your lo-lo, or smokin' on some do do
We're back in actions, spread the words, take some photos
Cause, we got more paper to get, pounds to get
I clowns the bitch, with pounds of shit, roll one nigga
Uhh, just what the Doctor ordered
It's the motherfuckin' father figure, I got a little older
And got a little watcher
But I still blast your ass with the 9 Mila-heat mind
Aww, and incase you think I'm slippin'
I'm dippin' with the bullet proof
Sun rise, wise up

[Chorus: Dawn Robinson + Dr. Dre AD-LIBS]
Ooh, his first mistake was.. he had to do the crime "say what?"
He had to hustle mornin' to the night "That's right, hah"
If, he would have known then "yeah"
The things that he knows now "yeah"
He might not have got that time in Wayside

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, it's me, white rag, cherry bently
Cop shines from Italy, speak money language fluently
Never fuck with the nastiest, flashiest
Bought a house, big as Scarface to show my happiness
Rack as the Six Zeros, for those who wanna get personal to home
Cock the heavy metal, rollin' with my stones
Prominent with flashy garments, spread a mill 
Small bills, bring a smile to the Ice grill
Popular, loved throughout the industry 
If they sue light a philly cause the judge has got a Free Willy
Salute with chill Rémy, gently 
And escort four ladies an arm to Four Seasons after the club bentley
Condo suités, I'm fancy
Twenty floors up, overlookin' ladies, boomerang their panties
Bumpin' Snoop Dogg's latest, takin' trips to Las Dregus
That's how we do it, Snoop is on you

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Niggaz puffin' while they're stuffin' dope down their drawers
Niggaz stackin' while we're jackin' nigga, all yours
Compound, locked down, Dogg pound in a year 
Decode comp-town is back with them L.B.C's
Eastside up, wide up, that's how as real
The Eastside family, D.P.G.C.
I make a run for the buddah with a quarter of Hashie
In a Blue Century, toast in the back seat
Aboyed them, full the paranoid in them
Runnin' out gat some, mashin' with the hashins
Tryin' to get back to the big L.B.C
And when I do, young niggaz sell me
All your dope, and all your robes 
Cause Big Snoop Dogg ain't no motherfuckin' joke

[Outro: Dr. Dre repeated continuously until fade up]
Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom