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Artist: Dr. Dre f/ Justus, King Mez
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   Talk About It
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[King Mez]
I don't give one fuck!
Off top, wish a nigga would try a nigga
Real shit, y'all counterfeit
Y'all niggaz bad business
That's why the game all fucked up!
Fuck Glocks, I'm all about Fort Knox nigga
Ridin through your neighborhood
Throwin money out the window like "WHAAAAAT?"
You about a dollar (you don't know nothin 'bout it)
Your poor life been without it
My life in the spotlight
Oh no no no, I ain't even gotta talk about
Talk about it
Hol' up (hol' up) if you're really 'bout it
Tell these muh'fuckers we don't even wanna talk about it

[Chorus: Justus]
I don't know everything
But one thing, one thing I do know
One thing, one thing I do know
And I know, and I know, I know
Is one day I'ma have everything
Is one day I'ma have ev-ery-thing
It was all a dream, it was all a dream
It was all a dream! (I want it all!)

[Dr. Dre]
I just, bought, Cali-fornia!
Them other states ain't far behind it either
I remember sellin instrumentals off a beeper
Millionaire before the headphones or the speakers
I was gettin money 'fore the internet
Still got Eminem checks I ain't open yet
MVP shit, this is where the trophy's at
D-R-E yeah, this is where the dope is at
The world ain't enough!
Nah... I want it all
Goddamn it, I'm too old, I forgot I got it all
But Andre young enough to still get involved
And Andre still young enough to say fuck y'all
Fuck you, fuck you, and you in the corner too
You wanna beef make sure that that's somethin you wanna do
There's some missin people that felt that way too


[King Mez]
What the, fuck, was y'all, thinkin?
You let the wrong young nigga lean with a legend
Lot of new niggaz talkin crazy on the records
I'm the only King here, you can tell 'em that I said it
I'm the black Eminem, I'm the humbler 50
I'm D.O.C. who +Do it Better+, nobody fuckin with me
I murder rappers e'ry day, 'til police come and get me
And Dre just come and bail me out and then we hit the studio
Ain't no new rap in my ear, too many depressed niggaz
Emotional every song, deserve to have breasts niggaz
Cry about my old girl, funny how I left niggaz
Tryin to get my +Ex-Boxed+, Red Ring of Death niggaz
I'm Kanye raisin the diamond the day of his chainin
If this was you your diamond wouldn't be worth the appraisin
I'm just talkin reckless, I'm just off the record but I mean it
Kept my blessings, we was dreamin, now we close enough to see it


Listen, I've been, tryna, get it, all
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm just, in this, bitch, I'ma show 'em how to get involved
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah I want e-e-everything
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah I want everything
Yeah yeah yeah

[Outro: King Mez]
Talk about it
Hol' up (hol' up) if you're really 'bout it
Tell these muh'fuckers we don't even wanna talk about it