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Artist: Dr. Dre f/ King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   Satisfiction
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[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
Simple pleasures, rockstar living
Drugs and mansions, hit the ceiling
Cars expensive, blow this action
True revealing, satisfiction

[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, check, I mean
I listen to these rap records, half the time I'm suspicious
You niggaz sound so fictitious, believe me I know the difference
I got some words for you niggaz
You're the definition of (satisfiction)
Listen up, I been where you're goin three times and plus
Big houses, cars, jewelry, bad bitches all around us
Muh'fucker uhh, I seen it all and guess what
It's the (satisfiction)
You feel me?

[King Mez]
Oh yeah, oh I see what you sayin, I know some niggaz just like that
Frontin ass niggaz man, really ain't got no bucks like that
Stuck like that, it's cool if you cool with gettin love like that
Flashin down the Southside Raleigh, you'll be runnin outta luck like that
What I mean by that is why your name always in these rental records?
Spendin rent money gettin that bottle service into your section
You leased your car, leased your house, leased your spouse
Know she leavin if you run out of paper; and might be smashin yo' neighbor
I know you think you a star cause followers clickin
Guess yo' ambition is to keep up with social tradition
Like sneaker shoppin some of you niggaz is fuckin sittin in
Cause you'll take your sole/soul out, just so you could fit in

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Marsha Ambrosius]

[Snoop Dogg]
Cuz, fuck wrong with these niggaz?
These labels always askin me to do a song with these niggaz
Doc, I think it's time for you to open up the pharmacy nigga
And change this fuckin music shit my nigga, you should consider
Nah, I been doin me loc'in, keepin these bad bitches open
And keepin 'em wet, yep, see cuz Long Beach right by that ocean
Still sippin that +Gin & Juice+ my nigga, yep I'm still on that potion
And all these random niggaz fake as fuck and I'm still gettin noticed
Goddamn man, how we s'posed to handle this shit, cuz
Everything we built these niggaz done dismantled this shit, cuz
We gotta get back to that real, that's on the dub
Another lesson from your Uncle Snoop, what what what?

[Marsha Ambrosius]
I'm just statin the facts
Don't get no realer than that
Satisfiction, sa-atisfiction
Attention, listen, play yo' position, player

[Dr. Dre] + (Marsha)
Shouldn't be too hard my nigga, it's supposed to be like a lay-up
Shouldn't be so hard to be yourself, my nigga wake up
(Satisfiction, sa-atisfiction)
Stay up, pay up, straight up, cake up
(Attention, listen, play yo' position, player)
It's what I'm, made of, hah, yup
My life is all authentic, that's why I'm goin way up
Your satisfaction fictitious, your happiness is made up


[Marsha Ambrosius]