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Artist: (Dr. Dre f/) Jon Connor, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   One Shot One Kill
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[Snoop Dogg]
Guess who's back, it ain't a fuckin question
They know the name, bow in the presence of a living legend
Fuck what you heard it's murder murder, you gon' need protection
Some niggaz blinded, couldn't see, so look for me to come and give direction
Who hold the crown, it ain't no conversation, I'm bein modest
Should be silent 'less you payin homage, remain the hottest
Niggaz can't stop us, that's just bein honest
And makin hits, I never had problems much in that department
Don't get me started, don't compare me to the newest nigga, ohh no
For everyone of you there's a hundred more and I watch them come and go
My track record ain't coincidental
And these verses is like hearses consistently killin y'all with instrumentals
Tell me, fuck what would y'all do without me?!
Kill yourself for even thinkin somethin crazy 'bout me
I'm like Ali, your fuckin champ, now watch me rope a dope
Just watch him choke cause everything I drop is dope, now watch 'em all go up in smoke

[Chorus: Jon Connor]
I came here to raise hell, I can't lie
One shot, one kill, it's real, I ain't hidin
Don't shoot one shot if you ain't ready to die
And never get it fucked up, I got shooters for hire
Cause you don't want it, I have you like aye-aye
Better back the fuck up! Over guns so I try
Now that weak shit will never slide, I despise
You are now not in the presence of nice guys

[Jon Connor]
Look, what the fuck, I was just chillin in the cut
Ain't no beginners, only winners run amok, you runners-up
You funny fuck like twenty bucks, I know your slut'll let me fuck
I told my city "Hold me down," now look how high they hold me up
I'm Kobe clutch, I hold my nuts 'fore I was old enough to cuss
Was kissin bitches after lunch, now that's a motherfuckin rush
Sober high school, I was fuckin niggaz bitches on the hush
So no questions and no panties is a motherfuckin must
It's the people's rapper, I ain't no rapper, I'm the rapture on the morning after
You lackin passion, you ain't rap, you just a wack distraction
I can't relax cause I feel the magic smashin, Tony Braxton
Where your sisters at? Let's get it crackin
Look, I was young, I was broke, had no hope, so I wrote
That's how I cope, I went hard with no results, new approach
Same truth, just get ready, aim, shoot
Then get buried, bang, woof, so they better bring troops


[Outro: Jon Connor]
Uh, yeah, it's fuckin murder baby (murder baby)
Yea-yea, I'm tryna hurt 'em baby (hurt 'em baby)
Yea-yea, I know you heard me baby
Feel like I'm goin crazy, it's fuckin murder baby
Run run run, the cops almost got me
As another tear drop, another fuckin body
Uh uh uh, another fuckin body
Uh uh, another, body
Uh uh uh, another, body
Uh uh uh, another, body
Uh uh uh, another fuckin body, body, body...