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Artist: Dr. Dre f/ Kendrick Lamar, King Mez, Marsha Ambrosius
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   Darkside / Gone
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{*Part 1: Darkside*}

[Intro: King Mez]
Where you at? Where you from?
What you doin over here motherfucker?!
What you think? What you bang-bang?
This ain't no motherfuckin game

[King Mez]
Now I ain't never been no gangsta, but I know niggaz, know niggaz
From the darkside, there's some cold killers, cold killers (and man they used to tell me)
My nigga used to roll with us, roll with us (e'ry night)
Married into mo' money, mo' women
Now I ain't ever been the one that'll pull a gun on you, but I know who got 'em
No I never sold no drugs homie, but I know who got 'em
And I never had no fuckin bullets in me, but I know who got 'em
Hmmmmm, ay-ayy, ay-ayy
If you die tonight, you die tonight, momma might cry tonight
if she find you high off the dynamite, but to you it's just another Friday night
Got a nigga feelin kinda nice, with a Bible right beside that powder white
That's what this life is like (now do you love your life?!)

[Dr. Dre]
Now please don't give me a reason, reason
Cause I know you wanna keep breathin this evening
I've been killin the game for seasons, believe him
That I'm the motherfuckin one to breed 'em and lead 'em
In a league of my own, you ain't even made it up to my throne
You ain't even authorized for this song, might be best for you to get gone
Best be careful 'bout your tone, that shit hit me wrong and it's on
I've been tried my best to be calm, please don't make me grab that phone (uh-oh!)
Now who you know that came this fuckin far from the fuckin bottom?
30 years in this bitch, and I'm still here
Decade after decade
And evidently I must be doin somethin right, word to my nigga Eazy! {*echoes*}

{*Part 2: Gone*}

{"Eazy-E, C-P-T, O.G. from the other side"} Eazy!
{"From the other side"} Eazy!

[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
It's easy to say you need me
When you got everything you want
But it's hard for me to believe it...
You'll find out when I'm gone

[Dr. Dre]
I went from hangin out down at the swap meet
To drivin some of the hottest cars L.A. has ever seen
People been tellin me I've grown into some kind of monster
But they don't know me though, I've been this way since 17
Tryna get finances poppin, man I thought that was the object
'til some of my niggaz lost they life and then there goes the team
My only dream was holdin it down like "Fuck who tryna stop us"
You can get the middle finger or the reddest beam
It's your choice, I took this industry by storm young and black, killin 'em softly
Don't ever call me fortunate, you don't know what it cost me
So anybody complainin about they circumstances lost me
Homie, we ain't even talkin, fuck that energy, fuck up off me


[Kendrick Lamar]
You look at my lifestyle, I'm livin my life now
I'm dealin with diligent Benjamin, how come my attitude piped down?
I'm fuckin with Ice now
I'm fuckin with shit that you only can get on an overseas flight now
You scared of my heights now
But still I got enemies givin me energy, I don't wanna fight now
Subliminal sent to me all of this hate, I thought I was holdin the mic down
I thought I was holdin my city up, I thought I was good in the media
You think I'm too hood in my video? But really no clue, you idiot~!
I, just can't help myself
Even when that record spin every now and then you hang yo'self
Cause I got the green and gold with a million sold, plus plenty mo' of a dollar figure
But with or without the diamonds though, to you I'm just another nigga!


[Outro: Marsha Ambrosius]
You'll find out when I'm gone