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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
Album:  First Come, First Served
Song:   I Run Rap
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Number one MC in the world, a.k.a. Dr. Dooom
Straight out of solitary
I got the block locked down
Transfer me to conquer in the Pelican Bay
You don't wanna step in my cell
I eat your ass for real
Even veterans go out with tight pants and lipstick

Most rappers flex up, they vexed up, they actin hard
Attendin Catholic school at mom's house, they soft as lard
They roll in packs, carryin yo-yo's, and balls and jacks
That kid you peeped it, his boys wearin Victoria's Secret
Mean mugs get crushed up, your bra's showin, pickin dust up
You light your trees up, I'm just the man to skin yo' knees up
Walk behind you, tuck your stomach in, I redesign you
Urgent emergency, your girl is cryin, they can't find you
I move with bowling ball bags, you try to ask for Zig-Zags
You got your panties on with wigs on, y'all playin tag
Walkin in tough kid, your girdle's showin, watch your doo-rag
G-strings get touched, watch your skid marks like Starsky and Hutch
Y'all scope erections, while rappers run to different sections
I ride in limos pull your thongs in, from here to Wisconsin
Droppin this A-bomb make, tough MC's, put on Avon
Eject your wigs in Hunts Point, your pumps in truckers rigs

Chorus: repeat 4X

	I'm the man of the hour
	Watchin girls takin a shower
I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back

[Dr. Dooom]
Rappers with panty-liners, rent cars, with no recliners
I get ill, serve the best MC's with Massengil
While crowds chill, take your haltertops, down to Big Bill
Right on your mic stand, your flower shorts, you've been hurt
Male with a dildo, your ass is low, call policemen
Three million rappers on labels, sportin skirts release men
I teach men, pull my pants down, piss on each men
Frustrate the rectums on the night flight, I cruise on East and
look at your contracts, while Vaseline, smears your buttcrack
I counteract tracks, while you ate rhymes smokin crack
Skinny kid two pounds, with phony legs, bustin two rounds
That man is slinky, jacks off, and rappers host his Twinkie
Underarm smell, keep the mics warm, y'all shirts is stinky
Panties look great on you with wedding rings around your pinkie
Now stop BS then cut your weight down, you'd be like Vester
Facin your whole crew, with cardinals on like Uncle Fester
Lo-lo-lo-Lopez, your moms call me Frankie Sanchez
On deck with penis out, pine tar like Tony Perez
Big battin average, send your girlfriend out, tossin salad
I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back


[Dr. Dooom]
Rappers get maxi-pads and O.B., their time of the month
No time for phone calls from tough guys, y'all puff them blunts
Some serious stretch marks, cock-diesel MC's end up pregnant
Nine months in time stuck, you rhyme, grabbin inmates jock
Sportin your white dress, with Timberlands, you try to impress
Petrol with bulletproof vest, your man is havin incest
Knock up your celldon, your big group, they roll with Alvin
Drag queen on Front Street, program, all your SP-12 beats
Y'all roll up dust, smokin PCP, I come with big heat
Y'all run y'all knowledge down, send your Rolex down to Big Pete
Lipstick is smeared on, your Pele shirt, get your fear on
Hard rappers with stockings and tunafish, smell like Starkist
I call him Miss, rappers tampons, I bought it for Christmas
I call you Anna make you sniff balls, back to Atlanta
Change all your grammar and have you call home, bleedin to Grandma
I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back


[Dr. Dooom]
That's right
When you see in the mess hall
All new jacks, even if you're old, give me that respect
YouknowhatI'msayin?  You might get neglected
That's right, send me all the commisary
Battlin me ain't necessary