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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) f/ Motion Man
Album:  First Come, First Served
Song:   Housing Authority
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah, and you say! (1 Adam 12, all cars)
From the streets (assailant seen carrying two tec-9's)
This is what's goin on (and several semi-automatic machine guns)
(Everybody get extreme from backup)
The revolution will not be televised (I got some snipers)
(Bring on the whole..)

[Motion Man]
Aqua gill leg, shark bite, beach towel
Bay Area conquistador, negro reservation
Sniper tree trunk squirrel monkey agility
Ultimate Fight night, pay per view ability
Angel flight superhero, platform shoes
Stomp down, return smacks, sniffin afro hairy chest
Being, often seen, the Atlantic ocean, scared of motion
Bulletproof flips, I'm slappin 'em, you shoot your best shot
Roll the pearl, all world, lovin Oakland girls
Vinny Testaverde style, I'm tossin balls dirty
All form in swim, telepathic with amphibians
Avenue warlord, I'm at the public sellin fat sacks
Pockets on double, profit will triple
Keep my piece tucked, low-plated nickel
Bullets hit me they tickle, actual Terrordome
Tossed my hall door keeper
Italian, Columbian, Chinese black afro gangster
Authentic ball collector, Euro-Asian afrocentric
Bohemian being, third busted eye seeing
Nada on papi, boil latte in the chrome
My folks'll ride yo, down with Nicky, Custom Auto
Able access, dislocate my larynx
Change my vocal from millld to loco
Half African, wild lion cheetah spotted
Connect the dots, gazelle gallop, wolf kick

[Chorus 2X: Dr. Dooom] + (Motion Man)
Brothers from the housing authority!
(No heat and hot water, cold freezing every evening)
Brothers from the housing authority!
(Naked roaches and stank humans, unhygenial ruins)

[Dr. Dooom]
Rappin out warlord, Dr. Dooom, from the Bronx
Rappers get petrol, see me with the black afro
Project invader, squad lights in the elevator
Cross-Bronx Express, mack 11 bulletproof vest
One-seventy street with Tony Lou, loadin big heat
Victor Convelta DiSanchez, with Rosey Perez
One for the road, with goosedown sportin stick-up kiko
Dominican fly girls, with Bobby Jo, rockin escrows
Westside highway callin OJ cabs, doin it my way
People with masks robbin Brinks trucks out in Jersey
Nobody's nervous rockin freestyles, chocolate Hershey
Servin quarters up on the concourse, like James Worthy
Feathers with Stetson, my nickname, George Jetson
Right in the baby doll with treasure under Taft High School
RICO squealed, neck broke, in a twelve D pool
Usin the infrareds and waterbeds, chewin Big Red
Out of the strange Diamond District, missin big rings
We doin big things, I'm out of here like Vladamir
Devestation equation, information for the crack patient
Y'all will feel my abrasion


[Dr. Dooom]
Back off probation, bailin Frank out from Rahway State
Suckers see Flintstone, smokin wheat with Mr. Slate
Action you pack up, in Ziplocks, you bring yo' bag up
Open the first one, rehearsal, I'm bound to hurt you
Bust out yo' briefcase, you and your wife start to freebase
Break our your mansion, I'm on the phone with Charlie Manson
With porno tapes, jerkin hard off to Kristy Canyon
You need to convert a witness, 20 different Bronx murders

[Motion Man]
Angles trap home arrest, hangin feet up out the window
I strike the National Guard, the helicopter light
Shaggy and Scooby, with Velma Daphne laughin at me
Mystery Machine sittin lowered with, trues and Vogues
Miami bass bump "Ghetto D," advocated
Spider-Man suction upside down, on the elevator
Porno star hold up, my stroke's worth too much
Just for a brush, I need ten grand, for the rush