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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   Take That Ride
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah~! I saw the sheriff last night
But I'm about to ride up to the gas station to wash my hands
Get up in that girl, stop barkin back
Bring your puppies wit'cha

I'm ready for work, the black skully and green t-shirt
Press the elevator button, you will get hurt
Drive up the road with a huge smirk
Continental Lincoln with suicide doors
With polar bear nails in the floors
Move symbols on the hood, like some place that glow in the dark
and say it's all good
Collect junk like Sanford, Connecticut
I come around the curves in Stamford
Cut up the straightaway, up to Boston
With a beard on my chin like Rick Ross'ton
When I hit London I call a Jamaican chick to give me voodoo
Rest in peace to thoughts son
Hot sauce on your dog
I cook up in Austin

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Who's ready to take that ride?
  Yeah; you ain't ready you ain't ready
C'mon stupid, hop inside
  Yeah; you ain't ready you ain't ready

[Dr. Dooom]
Now I'm ready for a burnin flavor
Charcoal and a lot of flame to go
The way I cook horse I train you though
Similar to "Beatdown," beatin chuck meat to the ground
Graduated the day I stand in produce section with a gap and gown
Fortified Grade A, I stack big steaks in the truck on payday
Mice get served to you for lunch on a good tray
Y'all come outside and celebrate the gross animal waste
On food day, I watch the bad meat turn gray
Professor from high school John Jay
Y'all watch the woods for bears missin
And see John, Dr. Dooom play

[Chorus] - half

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah I'm about ready to pack up, you back the truck up
and bring the roast and duck up
8 thousand hundred pounds of grown walrus at mammal weight
The walks weight a ton, you feel the ground shake


{*scratched to end: "With Dolly Parton music playin in my pickup truck"*}