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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   Simon
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah~! Simon
I'm talkin to you
This motherfucker right here's for you
You got a lot of motherfuckers comin up on your show
And you try to act like you motherfuckin judgin every-fuckin-body
You ain't no-motherfuckin-body

Fuck American Idol, Simon and his whack ass!
He can kiss the bottom of my foot and Paula can kiss my black ass
That show is for no pro, it's for a jackass
I piss on the ratings with a scuba diving tank with a German mask
The type of guy to defecate on jazz and bluegrass
Paint your face black I guarantee all your assets you'll leave with a blue ass
I'm that insurance guy that come with a tow truck, when your Maybach crash
These microphone niggaz with big budgets is trash
Lassie type niggaz who don't bark back, they sneak bite niggaz
I'm ready for combat with poison down on the floor
You come up and test my shit like a rat
You pick a spot where you think you fuckin hot
and watch me wipe my ass wit'cha baseball cap
I piss on your pants from the Gap
Your bitch be fucked up with Noxzema on her face with a headwrap
That shit your spit to everybody is head crap
Fuck with Franklin Fred rap
You're just a man sneakin back through a crack in rap
Flip your fuckin toupee like a flapjack
You a sap in rap, that bitch ain't got no fat ass in the magazines
That's mad flat, she's just hyped up with a corny basketball ass
That's mad fat, in fact she's a DVD homeless cat
Somebody I wouldn't want to dance to my track
Or put on some pants to my track
How you gon' stand there? You better be in a b-boy stance to my track
Everybody flippin over a bullshit thong in your buttcrack
Now I'm hyper toned up with a Corona
She ain't got gas in her ass to get from Corona
She's a roommate livin on a budget from a loaner
A grown-ass woman flyin back and forth to a yellow Toyota
Fuckin with some cornbread ten carat gold chain nigga that look like Yoda
How the fuck you gon' represent plastic surgery?
Yo' ass, movin in with the club promoter
How long you gon' do that shit 'til you get older and bolder?
With strength from the butt needles
I'm that nigga that's low-key in the spotlight
Watchin your peoples, on some real life
I'm surreal trife, watchin these girls out in Vegas
Askin Carmelo Anthony to turn on they Con Edison lights

Yeah~! We rule
Dr. Dooom is in the fuckin room
Now you take that motherfucker personal
I want y'all to cover your ass
I'ma be there! Motherfucker I'ma be there
Right in the back of your fuckin dandruff, right on top of your hair