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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) f/ Fathed
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   Run For Your Life
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah~! {*echoes*}
I'm first, they wanna sue me
Why? Because I'm Doc Doomie

I'm the first; they mad cause they don't sound like Tupacky
Shakur beat 'em out with the sales
that's why I came with the John a.k.a. Dr. Dooom kabocky
Now I got the work and guns we gotta get rid of ocky
I'm usin harder pins, watchin the Backyardigans
With the gasoline on my eggs, sippin gin
The Son of Frankenstein's friend
The script-writer in Hollywood who wrote the movie "Ben"
Dodgin the cocaine that make stars look thin
Been in magazines with Liz Taylor boots with the skinny legs and bad skin
They all meet up at the Mansion
to get skeed up with Herman Munster and grandpa
See if that's his grandfa'
Two machines with laundromat clothes
My dog in the oven, with his legs froze
In refridgerator mode in a Butterball turkey pose
I put the Wolfman on the guestlist for one of my shows
Watch the Invisible Man pluck boogers out his nose
The mummy get out and sleep with Smack-ola's hoes
with gangrene between his toes
Frankenberry meetin all the kids with they bows

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Word is bond; I'm turnin those forest lights on
Word is bond; I'm turnin those forest lights on

Radioactive Sasquatch; North American gorilla
Midnight stroll, graveyard patrol
24 hours, infinite power, pirate boots
Readin The Onion, barbecue feet, I like a crunchy bunion
Zombie riddles - ten times worser than Dr. Giggles
I'm just the assistant; Dr. D will be with you in a minute
Hold the skull of a mummy with the blood of Elvira
You're soaking in it
I get loose in the waiting room from Beetlejuice
Hopping to the mausoleum
Uprocking with the zombie stiff like I'm Korean
Stressing you out like two Persian dudes in doo-rags and camouflage jumpsuits
At the Westside Pavillion, sticking out like a sore thumb
Youse a civilian; best to steer clear when I'm building
Detonate the whole building~!
Skeed in my spaceship dolo
(I'll give you five hundred for the Wookie and Solo)


[Dr. Dooom]
Who's that guy that look like Dracula with fangs in the back of ya?
The long coat and the black boat
Blood on my hand from chewin the intestines of the billygoat
The leftovers from the lamb
Opposite to taste of ham
Throw out better than the fingers in the frying pan
The goop's under the meat to strip the first french fries I can't stand
Frying man
I just left the scene wit'cha spine in my hand
I'm movin your schedule run over your body like MTA motor man
Remove your esophagus off your shoulder
Over the music equipment behind the band
No place to come feed you're where the monster stand
Rip your face off your face with the monster hand
Then breakaway from them doin the monster dance
WOOO~! Southside cha-cha
The fluids of the blood leak in the cabinets
The damage of the peanuts and the Raisinets