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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   That Girl Is a Monster
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
I'm shoppin right now, my ass off
You home writin some bullshit literature
I need to think about you and reconsi-durrrr
Your chicks punch they clock, goin out to Vegas to suck cock
You don't know me, I'll swing a machete on your block
You can't recognize fly when you see it
Youse a bitch that need it
You see the size of my fuckin bags, you read it
How the fuck you think you competin? You Monster Zero bitch
What side of my ass do you want to kiss?
You a starvin artist, tryin to make it to the Grammies
With a cheap perfume that smell like piss

That girl is a mon-storrr
She's a chicken grease whore
That girl is a mon-storrr
Tell her I don't live there any more

[Dr. Dooom]
Baby you lookin for A&R, people to back you
Where's your hairstyle and beautician?
Just because you got a little page with a few bullshit pictures
You think you competition; turn down that funky ass
I'd rather take your poodle, and cook him in the kitchen
When I urinate you listen; you see the wrists glisten
How many pots in your name you got to piss in?
Your powdered face, fuck you suck~!
I make these chicks wash up and get they pubic hair cut
I'm the type of motherfucker to spray the bottles of Lysol on your butt
Watch you close, tryin to steal some shit
I keep my eyeball on your butt
You emerge from the scene intimidated
My flow make you frustrated
Steady buyin shit, I love it cause you hate it
You better walk off to a pad, administrate it


[Dr. Dooom]
Walkin back and forth through the corridor
Ask me more, the Black & Deck' cut off your jaw
Hands sittin like jewelry on the dresser drawer
You catch a tour, see your legs by the resevoir
With 3 mo'fo' po' orange Troops
I'm leathered up with orange goose
Nail a b-boy stance in the woods like I'm on forty-deuce
Take a picture bitcher of D-R Dooom
Come to the Days Inn and see our room
The Wicked Witch pass by the window on the broom
I'm in the bathrub playin with a raccoon

[Chorus] - repeat 2X