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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) f/ Denis Deft
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   How Sexy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah, Dr. Dooom baby
This is for the ladies

I used to play that game with girls, tie 'em up to the bed
I would not force them, they offered to give me head
Kinky books, late at night, we read
I had this freak chick with a nice tail and blonde dreads
I took her to the Sunset Palm Springs bed
A one night MySpace date was the fish filet plate
People saw me in the W
They hovered around like apes, guys with drinks
Ladies across the table, V.I.P. complaints
They wanna touch my capes
Solange on deck, hand on her man, she trust her papes
I got in the cab, a cockblocker tryin to sell some mixtapes
For low prices at mixed rates (baby, double soft)

[Chorus] + (woman)
How sexy can you be? (I'll wear seven inch thigh high fishnet boots)
How freaky can you be? (I'll fulfill your fantasies, my girlfriend and me)
How sexy can you be? (I'll wear seven inch thigh high fishnet boots)
How freaky can you be? (I'll fulfill your fantasies)

[Dr. Dooom]
I met you, wanted me to buy porno
girl you had it in your hormones
Last night before you talked to me on the phone
I asked you twice to bite my ice cream cone
C'mon be serious this ain't typin a few words back and forth like kids we grown
You want the lube in the back, that's where you want the bone
Lookin for me you'd rather flirt with a clone
Your temperature known to go up and go down
Rub syrup on the lollipop, you lick around; vanilla fudge you don't budge
You stick around, no type of lingerie you borin
Why you sit around? Magnum on the P.I. it fit around
In the strip club we get around with P. Did' around
With two bottles of strong corn liquor, pass it around (you wanna be)

[Chorus] - half

[Denis Deft]
If you're lookin for a one night stand, I'm your man
On tour with the band, which I'm sure you're a fan
Got the full blown bedroom in the back in the van
You can see the trail of cum from the condoms all the way to Japan
Yup~! Understand I'm the man
Understand Hugh Hef' is my number one fan
Satisfyin women, any way that we can
Have you ever made a girl cum with a frying pan?
I think now, we drink lot and smoke pot
Turn more coochie down than gravity and parking lots
Make it rain like Ft. Knox, court cases get dropped
just because them judges like to freak a lot
Now mami pick a spot, let me see you drop that top
I frisk you like a cop, let me know when to stop