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Artist: Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Dooom 2
Song:   The Countdown
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Dr. Dooom]
Yo I'm nice to kill that man, bill that man
The Dr. Doomuhlist, let's zoom to this
They spread word and rumor this
They think they pro but new to this
They walk on stage like pooh putts, they new nuts
"Diesel Truckers" Dr. Dooom zoom
Dr. Boom Boom move all you nuts
These cats are stuck in a rut
Fruit wearers, fake suit wearers
I'm behind them like Michael Myers in the mirrors
One chop to you, in hip-hop should do

(*ah ah ah*) {Step up and get chopped down}
(*ah ah ah*) {We takin over your town}
(*ah ah ah*) {Man how that sound~!}
(*ah ah ah*) {With a face like Jason when he drowned}

[Dr. Dooom]
What's the real word on the urgy man?
White people love me like Fergie man
Move out on the highway in a black Ford
My Black & Decker equipment in the dirty van
Takin Octagon in a coffin up to see Dan
Talkin on the pre-plan
I'm monstered out this mother with three hands
All mule meat wrapped up in Saran
Comin from Iran, Barkley, remarkably awesome
In the back of the pickup truck we toss 'em
That's me with the skully cap with the skully rap
Ridin up Slausson, sending Austin
With dead bodies comin in FedEx from Charleston
Hamburger grind 'em from South Carolina
The esophagus comin in from China


[Dr. Dooom]
Now the word is out, big Doc Doom is out
The zoo is closed, when I take the gorillas home
Fill the fish tanks up with Patron
Decorate the aquarium with the great dane's jawbone
You can't make no phone calls right now
Cause that's my dog phone
Pickup the truck, the wheels fall off I say doggone
The birds fly I punch a bull in his eyes
Pull the horns off his head
Rodeo head doctor his head 'til he's turnin red
Look up, you see the elephant layin in my bed
{*elephant noise*}